Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mew - Am I Wry? No

I appreciate and love "creative" sound. What is my definition of "creative" sound ?
A music track that has crazy and unpredictable arrangements; or a song that incorporates interchangeable wild major and minor chords; or a simple chorded track, but whacky and running bass line (because I love playing bass). Instruments? I don't care much about that. As long as the arrangements is crazy yet harmonic.

Why i love Deftones? Although mostly Deftones writes predictable arrangements, the creative combination of melodious vocals and hard metal excites me. The sound? Marvellous!

Why Weezer? Yes, Weezer writes using simple chords as well. But check out the Pinkerton album. The chord arrangements were crazy!

Why L'Arc~En~Ciel? Although i don't understand a word of what they're saying (except for few the English words..) but listen carefully to the Bass. If you're a bass player, I bet you will love Tetsu's finger works..Salute!

Come, let me welcome Mew to your ears. Introduced by my brother few years ago after his New Zealand trip.

When I think of "creative" sound, "Am I Wry? No" is my answer.

The Original Version

Video Clip Version

What's yours?

Monday, 29 June 2009

Snip! Snap!

Revenge of the Fallen

Dah tengok Revenge of The Fallen. Aku tak tidur!! Yoohooo!! The movie was within my expectations-excellent graphics, cool actions, acceptable storyline. Michael Bay ni pandai buat movie. Semua level from kecik ke besar boleh accept movie ni. Only kureng in some parts macam lawak bodoh ala-ala Jar-jAr binks dan kurang senang sikit dengan elemen lucah (sebab aku observe kat panggung tu banyak mak bapak bawa anak menonton) yang dipaparkan. Megan Fox? Terbaik!! Tapi kadang-kadang macam jalang pun ada.. kureng sikit la aku aweks style ala-ala jalang ni. Hanya yang aku agak terkilan, lagi sekali the good guy wins. Aku mengharapkan Michael Bay buat macam Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, Geng Jahat menang! tapi last-last, Autobots jugak menang (ahah spoiler!). Ending yang boring and very stereotyped. But seriously, go and watch. A 4 out of 5.

p/s: Masa aku nak tengok wayang tu, kedai DVD sebelah dah tunjuk dah DVD Haram dia!! Terror betul pirates ni...

Valentino Rossi's 100th Win!!
Congrats Vale on your 100th win!! Bukan senang nak menang 100 kali no. 1 ni!! Ujian kat sekolah nak dapat no. 1 pun susah, ni pulak nak menang race no. 1, 100 kali lagi!!!! Agak-agaknya bapak dia bagi dia duit berapa ye?

(Sila baca ala-ala translataion Soap opera Sepanyol ke bahasa Melayu)

Graziano Rossi: "Anak ku Vale..nampaknya... kamu sudah menang lagi"..

Valentino Rossi: "Ya! Papa! Aku sudah menang!"

Graziano Rossi: "Baguslah anakku. Kamu telah menaikkan nama keluarga kita!..berjaya!berjaya!"

Valentino Rossi: "Ya! Papa! Demi menjaga maruah keluarga kita, aku telah bertungkus lumus dan Berusaha untuk..

Graziano Rossi: "Sudahlah anakku..( sambil meletakkan jari ke bibir anaknya)
Papa (cough!cough!) tidak mahu dengar itu semua.(cough!cough!). Beritahu Papa sekarang,
Vale mahukan hadiah apa dari Papa ni!(cough!cough!)"

Valentino Rossi: "Baiklah.. Vale mahu.."

Graziano Rossi:(cough!cough! *muntah hijau)

Valentino Rossi: " papaaa! Papaaaaa!.. "

Syabas Rossi!!!! Semoga menang season 2009 ni!!!!!

p/s: PETRONAS, hang sponsor dia tepat pada waktunya...syabas!!!

Uber Amazing Blog

THE RULES: (1) Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award. (2) Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies. (3) Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them. (4) Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged. (5) Paste the award badge in your sidebar.

1. We’ve know each other since we were 6. That’s what? 21 years?

2. We went to the same Tadika, same primary school and were classmates for few years.

3. Most of the memories I have of her is only up to standard 6. She was an ‘A’student, a teacher’s favourite and of course a school prefect-yang garang (hehe).

4. The famous Wendy’s hairdo (but one day she went to school with a very short hair cut, the next day terus bertudung..hehe).

5. It was almost impossible to see her walk alone without her “posse”. Tak berempat, paling kurang pun soranglah berteman to canteen ke, toilet ke..


1. I love malay songs yang meleleh dan sengau.

2. If I were to start my own business, I would love to register my company name starting with either De’ or D’. Maybe, Restaurant D’Sharel. Fuyoo Cool!

3. I love Car Accessory shops and I love to spend all my yearly savings on new bright blue projector headlamp, blue door lights, lots and lots of colourful LEDs, chrome door handles, front grills, racing stickers, fibre glass bumpers, skirting, spoiler terbang ke bulan, radio walkie talkie and lastly sticker “ Tengok boleh, pinjam, sorry!!”

4. I’m an Akademi Fantasia and Raja Lawak addict. I have allocated 9 pm -10 pm every night to sms and vote for my favourite pelajar. If you want to reach me at night, please call me either before or after that.

5. I love Manchester United Football Club. But, if Chelsea comes to KL, I love Chelsea. If Liverpool comes to KL, I love Liverpool. Even if a Singaporean Club comes to KL, I’ll love that too.

6. I love Anwar Ibrahim.

7. I subscribe to Mangga, Warta Perdana, Hai, URTV and the Business Week.

8. Lately, I love Honda cars especially the new City and Accord. I think it is a good strategy for the Japanese to copy BMW and Benz’s design. Anyway, they have been practicing imitations since the early 70’s - experts.

9. I find MLM business strategy interesting. And I love MLMs. Please recruit me... Please drag me into your pyramid/structure/down line/ streamline whatsoever. Show plan! Show plan!

10. I love ‘missed calls’. I find the system very cute. You want to talk to me, but in the same time you want to save your credits. Can’t sms because your fingers are too tired even to type “Plz cal bk” plus chargers of sms is so darn “expensive” .The “peekaboo” game, You call, I answer, you hang up..OOoah..how cute..Love That!

Now, here is the problem. I’m not a blog hopper and I don’t blog hopping. If the award only cares about numbers, I can provide and list out the 10 by randomly pick any blog in the blogsphere but I think it will defeat the purpose. Therefore, I will only list out the most deserving ones but within my universe..err my small universe.

Jay Ismail : ...................................................................................................

Mr. Jay or Jalal was my VI classmate from form 3 to form 5, then we continued as housemates in Shah Alam. A top scorer in the arts world, he produces good sketches, over the top guitar skills and master in photography! Sifoo shoots excellent shots of cars, products, runaway beauties and artists. He splashes all his masterpiece (especially the ladies..hehe) in his blog, including his latest craze, Gundam.


Belle or Azreen was one of my “bodyguards” in Uni. She is rough, tough, a force to be reckoned with (haha!). Currently she writes and reports for Malaysia Kini. Her writings projected her deep views and knowledge of politics, arts, life and she displays beautiful pictures of her family especially her little jewel, Suriani. However, the blog is by invitation only. Sorry mate..

Marliza : Neurotically Speaking

Marliza turns boring, everyday stuff interesting. She writes about her job, books, food and her craze and addiction to the idiot box. Lawyer with an art sense, she prescribes her readers with healthy helpings of good writings and beautiful pictures.

Abot: Khairul Aktar Zahri

Another VI mate who have just started blogging a couple of months ago. This guy recently resigned from a very stable job in MAXIS and pursued with own business. Brave? Crazy? Check him out at his new found passion. This guy is all about money, money and money.

Friday, 26 June 2009

OBITUARY : Michael Jackson

Thank you for the music..

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Uhm 25 Weeks 3 Days

During the last check-up, we have double confirmed with the doctor that Uhm is a "He". Uhm is now 1 kg. We have discovered some sort of a “kicking” pattern – early mornings, after lunch, after dinner and when the “Mothership” is hungry for “fuel”.

3 months to go Uhm! Rock steady!!!

Uncle and Aunty, do you have any suggestions for Uhm’s name?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Yong Boon Chay

Bos! Sudah mau balik ka? Relaxlah dulu!..” Mr.Yong yang sedang kusyuk mengemas barang-barangnya beralih memandang ke arah ku. “Sudah 3 hari hari tau saya sudah sini!! Mau baliklaaah!!”. Aku pun mengangguk-angguk tanda setuju. Mr.Yong memakai “suit” lengkap. Boots dan seluar kulit, cewah! Macam rider berpengalaman! Tapi tu semua penting. Safety perlu diutamakan! Hanya baju je slack! Adake pakai baju Racing Boy?? Mana sesuai dengan Kawasaki Z750 dia!! Tapi nanti dia pakailah pulak jacket kulit atasnya. “Bos, saya jealous lah you all naik motor ni..” Dengan nada terujanya dia berkata,”You belilah satu!!“ Di meja sebelah sana, Marketing Manager, En. Amir, yang juga sedang bersiap-siap pula menyucuk, “ER-6 laaaa!!”..Aku membalas, “alaaa ER-6 mahal lah bos..saya ambil Super Four cukuplah.ambik kat Singapore murah lagi!”. Mr. Yong menyambung, “ Alaa Singapore registration susahlaa..You beli saja kat sini..lagi senang!!”. Aku pun senyum jelah sambil melihat gelagat “rider-rider” ni bersiap-siap nak balik KL tengahari buta tadi.

4:48 pm

Telefon berbunyi..

A: Assalamualaikum Tuan!
Aku: Wsalam! Hah! Awat hang balik awai tadi?
A: Kena balik awai la! Kita kerja punya orang!
Aku: E’eleh.. hah awatnya?
A: Ni aku nak habaq kat hang. Pak Yong baru ja meninggal dunia ni. Lori tibai dia kat highway Taiping. CEO ngan yang lain semua sempat elak..

(picture courtesy of :http://salihinr.blogspot.com/)

Deepest condolence to the family of late Yong Boon Chay, General Manager of Edaran Modenas Sdn. Bhd. (EMOS).. May he rest in peace.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Apa yang kita fikirkan di saat-saat nak mati?

(gambar ini di ambil dalam keadaan bergerak menggunakan camera pink isteri..dan of course telah di-exaggerate-kan)

Aku terfikir pasal ni pagi semalam. Di kala kedua-dua mata mula beransur gelap, neuron-neuron otak aku berkata:

1. Aduh kesiannya Isteri aku yang perlu menempuh hidup tanpa aku, si suami di sisi
2. Apa akan jadi kepada anak ku yang tidak dapat merasakan kasih sayang dari ayahnya
3. Cukupkah amalan-amalan aku untuk menempuhi alam kubur dan akhirat?
4. Badan aku akan terbujur kaku di perhentian bas ini yang terletak jauh di dalam perut kampung Sungai Yan. Bagaimanakah rakan-rakan aku ingin membawa ku ke hospital?
5. Bagaimana dengan Ibubapa, abang dan sanak saudara yang berada jauh di Kuala Lumpur?
6. Sudahkan aku memohon ampun daripada kedua ibubapa dan abang aku?


*Seorang kenalan yang sungguh healthy, tidak merokok dan hebat bermain badminton telah meninggal dunia Khamis minggu lepas semasa berjoging.

*Apabila seorang isteri ni mendapati suaminya masih lagi tidak pulang ke rumah daripada berbasikal, si isteri ini pun keluar mencari dan menjumpai suaminya terbaring kaku dalam keadaan berehat di bangku perhentian bas.

*Sepupu jauh ayah saya yang juga aktif bersukan, meninggal dunia semasa bermain badminton.

Cameroon Footballer , Marc-Vivien FoƩ, meninggal dunia semasa dalam perlawanan bola sepak.

Hidup dan mati terletak di tangan Allah yang Maha Berkuasa. DIA nak ambil nyawa kita ni, bila-bila masa je.

Adakah kita sudah bersedia untuk DIA?

p/s: Exercise ni bagus untuk kesihatan. Tapi janganlah pulun sangat. Ketahuilah limit dan batasan anda. Seeloknya, carilah teman untuk exercise bersama.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Project Saturday - Trooper Storms..

For our entertainment room..

to be continued..

Friday, 12 June 2009

My Resignation Letter

This letter was distributed to the committee members on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 6:05 pm.


Dear fellow Ninetyniners

I am writing to let you know that I am handing over my responsibility and post as President of Ninetyniners to the V.P., Mr. Muhammad Ramdhan Susami with immediate effect until the next AGM meeting.

The main reason for my decision is simply the geographical distance. As voiced out during the election of Ninetyniners Committee members in 2007, it is not practical to have a leader who is 400 km away. More issues can be resolved and achieved if the decision maker is in KL.

My tenure as President for this past 2 years has been an exciting and a challenging one. To me, the greatest challenge was initiating and the forming of the group. So far, we have managed to gather 80% updated data and contacts of our batch from all around the world. We have organized all kinds of activities; paintball, inter-batch games, new year’s BBQ party, mini gatherings and of course the 10th Year Reunion Dinner. Besides all the fun activities, we have also organized charity works- the 99 Yaasiin contribution drive.

I hope everyone will continue to support the Ninetyniners and our new President, Muhammad Ramdhan Susami. Ramdhan is a “natural born leader”: He was the No. 1 in the Prefects Board and the VI Cadet Corps. After school, he has been involved with VIOBA, VICC and school activities. I have full confidence and trust in handing over my post to him and believe, with his innovative ideas, he will bring Ninetyniners to another great level!

I thank you all for giving me the opportunity and privilege to work and serve you. It is truly an honour and very fulfilling to helm the first two years of the NinetyNiners, and being supported by committee members who gave their utmost dedication and commitment to realizing the activities during my tenure.

Thank you

Let not the Blues Fade Away
Signing out,

Sharel Abdul Wahid

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pengawas Sekolah

Setiap pagi ke tempat kerja, saya akan melalui 3 buah sekolah , sekolah menengah, rendah dan agama. Dan di setiap sekolah-sekolah itu saya akan ternampak “jaga-jaga” yang berbaju biru menunggu di pintu. Ada yang pakai kot, pakai vest dan berbaju biru dan bertali leher biru tua. Melihat gelagat-gelagat mereka ni mengingatkan saya ke zaman sekolah menengah saya. Ya, saya juga dahulu seorang pengawas sekolah. Tapi saya rasa, sistem dan konsep pengawas di sekolah saya, yang juga merupakan sistem pengawas tertua di Malaysia ni agak berlainan berbanding dengan yang lain. Ada yang baik dan ada yang buruknya. Tapi setelah umur ini semakin berpengalaman dan berpemikiran sedikit matang, saya dapat simpulkan sedikit sebanyak konsep sebenar “pengawas sekolah” yang unggul dan ada perlunya sistem ini diterapkan ke sistem persekolahan di Malaysia.

Sebelum itu, siapakah pengawas sekolah?

Menurut sini Pengawas sekolah merupakan pelajar-pelajar yang terpilih di sekolah oleh guru-guru kerana akhlak dan ketrampilan yang baik dan cemerlang. Selain itu, pengawas juga di pilih dari kalangan pelajar-pelajar yang mempunyai kokurikulum dan akademik yang cemerlang.

Menurutnya juga, fungsi pengawas ini adalah

· membantu guru mengawasi pelajar-pelajar

· sebagai rakan pembimbing

Daripada pemerhatian penulis terhadap pengawas sekolah khusunya di sekolah menengah jenis kebangsaan di Malaysia adalah:

1. Pengawas memang merupakan pelajar-pelajar yang terpilih oleh guru-guru dan pemilihannya memang di atas tiket akhlak dan ketrampilan yang baik dan cemerlang.

2. kalau dilihat secara rambang, pengawas lebih banyak terpilih dari segi akademik yang cemerlang dan juga cemerlang dalam mengambil hati guru-guru berbanding mereka yang menonjol di dalam kokurikulum

Tidak semua tapi majoritinya, si cemerlang yang “terpilih” ini bersifat seperti ini:

1. Berkaca mata tebal, sikat belah tengah, buku, buku dan buku

2. “Baik cikgu, cikgu memang pandai, biar saya tolong bawakan buku cikgu ke bilik guru, takpe! biar saya jilatkan kasut cikgu yang penuh debu tu..”

3. Woof! Woof! wOOooooooOOF!

4. 2 Botol air 4 liter terlekat di badan

Dan mereka ini ditugaskan untuk membantu guru mengawasi pelajar-pelajar.

Persoalannya, mampukah mereka mengawasi pelajar-pelajar khususnya golongan hero dan heroin “istimewa”yang tahap kejahatannya melampaui Al Capone dan Hitler? Baru nak keluar pen kononnya nak tulis nama pelajar lambat, dah kena rodok dengan pembaris besi.

Sistem pengawas sekolah bagaimanakah yang sesuai diterapkan di sekolah?

1. Jikalau tugas pengawas ini untuk “membantu guru mengawasi pelajar-pelajar”, lantiklah Pengawas daripada golongan-golongan Al Capone dan Hitler ni. Sesungguhnnya tiada pelajar yang lebih nakal dan jahat daripada mereka ini.

2. Mereka juga mampu “membimbing” pelajar-pelajar supaya menjadi lebih baik dan berdisiplin di sekolah. Saya pasti mereka mempunyai cara “bimbingan” yang lebih efektif berbanding yang termaktub di dalam buku.

3. Janganlah lantik pengawas dari tingkatan satu. Bagaimanakah mereka ini ingin mengawal sekolah jikalau abang-abang senior boleh pijak je budak tu sampai lunyai. Senioriti itu penting. Pilihlah pengawas dari golongan Hitler yang senior.

Ada sesiapa yang setuju?

p/s: Warmup session sebelum menulis Thesis.. :(

Our House Warming party!

I'm just too lazy to write..
Picture paints a thousand word..so go figure..