Tuesday, 14 April 2009

June 2005 – The Arrival.

This will be my last entry from this Gurun house. How time flies! 4 tahun dah!. Honestly, I like this house, I like the environment, greeneries, sebelah the foot of Gunung Jerai, sunyi and cool at night, very near to the office (only 5 minutes away!), nearby restaurants and shops, Shell station is just at the entrance of the Taman, banks, post office and even shopping complex (Aneka) is just 10 minutes away!

Oooh I will so miss this house…:( Tomorrow, TELEKOM will cut-off the phone and internet account from this house. The process of transferring it to the new house will take at least 2 weeks..That is soooooooo sucky!!! I will be offline for two damn weeks!!! With the Reunion coming up..with the jobs coming in and the ones in progress!! OOoh!! Tension tension…

Oklah back to my EMO mode..As a tribute to this house, let’s take a trip down memory lane to June 2005 – The Arrival.


Friday, June 3rd, 2005

aah..just got back from gurun..5 and half hours straight..ok first thing first..banyak nak cerite ni..oh yeah tadi hiway jam gila from i think atas skit dari sungai buloh all the way to tanjung malim..geez luckily i was on the other side towards kl..kesian depa..

on the 31st of may, last tuesday..i’ve sold my 2nd car, daihatsu charade aura..berat hati nak menjualnya..he served me well for this past 4 years..thank you buddy!!you’ve taken me to places i’ve never been before, taken me to the hospital.. even my family and friends too,.. you’ve helped other cars with your ‘jumper’ skills..you even helped show directions to strangers..sheltered and mesmerised me with your boom box..and of course you were there when i jemput izza, went out dating..and not to forget, your objective and mission..that is to take me to school in one piece..and i’m proud to say that you’ve completed the mission with flying colours..a job well done!! fyi, i’ve graduated with marks that will make you in tears of joy and proud!!(hehe poyo)THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!i will never forget you, and i’m sure, my friends, lecturers and family will miss you too..to honour your loyalty and services, i’ll setup a photo album of you..THANK YOU..

on the 1st of june..mom and i went up to penang..meet up with apak (flew in from bangkok)put a night in vistana and the next morning, that was 2nd of june..went up to gurun..our objective was to check out the place, find a house, and settle few stuff for the house..everything was according to the plan..gurun is not as how i thought i would be..well of course if you compare to sg petani,penang or even kl..memangla mundur..a small district where everyone knows everyone, ada supermarkets,banks,..not too kampung, not too city..balanced..got railway station, bus station..boleh lah hidup..

jumpa rumah!!my first house..well renting la..alone pulak too..takpe jiran ramai..hehe according to the furniture shop guy, my area there, is an ok area.considered one of the cleanest “taman”..”orang duduk sana suma pangkat2..”according to himlaa..my house is a single story,3 bedrooms, separate toilet and bathroom,dapur, living room big space of land in front and back..boleh lah main bola, facing greens..takde rumah kat depan..on the left side of the house pulak gunung jerai..scenic surroundings..5-10 minutes to workplace,less than 5 minutes to “city centre”..all that with a rental of RM200 per month..HAHAHA murah gilaaaar!!the owner is a policemen based in penang..hahahaha in my mind dah dapat dah idea on how to decorate the house…get ready!!!!here i come!!!

this sunday morning, that is on the 5th oh june, i’ll be going back to gurun with the rest of my stuff..pc, bass guitar, amp,cloths,books,shoes, tv..i will do some packing after this,..my target is to arrive in gurun slightly pass lunch hour..so i can meet up with the designers, warm up before reporting the next day..i’ve scouted shops yang boleh pasang broadband and astro..that i will have to consider from my piggy bank, tgok kalau cukup.. worst i’ll connect it next month..use my first pay..hehe..like mom said tadi, i’m considered very lucky..and i agreed..syukur alhamdulillaah..my first ever job interview,and i got it,that makes it my first job..sungguh bersyukur..tambah plak ni first posting out of kl (cewah),first house, next month first pay..alhamdulillah..thank you very much..hopefuly semua berjalan dengan lancar..haritu first time drive on jambatan pulau pinang, was wonderful..we were driving towards penang during sunset..beautiful..macam katun jepun..berair mata..hehe, first time in gurun, sg.petani…

tomorrow doing last minute shopping for the house..oh first ikut apak to buy handphone..yes again!!phone dia rosak plak..then to makro to buy table..and a date with izza..will be a sad one..well what to do…come to think about it, if we look from the other perspective, the other side (which i think i normally do)..a break like this is good..not that “dumping” kind of break..a break,time off for a while..just to proof how serious is the relationship..to me it is healthy because we started being together i consider at a young age..lets see how this “separation” mature us..like abang,he was separated with lissa for a year becoz she went to NZ blaja..,now she’s carrying my soon-to-be anak buah..hehehe lets see everyting in its positive side..kurang pening..

my next entry will be done in Gurun..so i guess this will be my sort-of last in KL..wish me luck for my first day!!


Sunday, June 12th, 2005

“..my house, is a very very very fine house..”hah..at last dapat online!! went to sg petani to register for broadband, got disappointed as they said that my area tak de orang pakai streamyx, so no broadband port available..and i have to wait..GEEZ!! not a single person in my taman using broadband!!??why??iklan tak sampai ke??hey useful tau!!internet macam2 adaaaaa..got tips on making more profits out of padi, sawah padi management, sell beras on-line..download mpegs or avi of the new tech of padi planting..well now i’m using the tmnet prepaid card for rm30..better than nothing..need to do research on hand grips..oh yeah..it’s been a week in gurun, all by myself..5 days of being a designer..

how was my first day in Modenas? the night before, i travelled more than 15km,in the middle of the night, just to iron my shirt and pants..went to Lobb’s house which is somewhere deep in his father’s ladang kelapa sawit..phew ohboy..first day was ok..briefs here and there..there are only 38 in R&D department, department paling secret whereby it is located jauh skit and quite hidden from other blocks..and only the 38 of us were granted with a security card to enter..there are only including me, 3 designers, and the rest are engineers, including my section head..the R&D is the birth place of all Modenas’s new product..this is the place where the designers gather to conceptualize and visualize new bikes, developing new frames, new engines, new body and chasis and of course the place for testing as well..u don’t manufacture bikes that is not tested..takes time for me to adjusting and really understand of what the engineers are talking about..crank shafts, forks, plastic covers..this and that part of engine..

3 breaks a day..haha yes..good for orang yang senang tido like me..10,1pm and 3..from mon to fridays..i work 7:45am till 5pm..but biasenye balik lewatlah skit..takde sape pun kat umah..my neighbours are pekerja industri..(what movie ye?)naza auto and petronas power plant..both houses thought that i’m married..am i that old looking???geez..oh yeah..been cooking lately..yes..COOK..just had nasi ayam tadi..masak sendiri beb..the other day cooked nasi putih with ayam masak kicap, chinese style..hehe of course my mom thought me la..suprisingly all went ok!!hmm..except my kai fan just now..kurang garam in my nasi, but the chicken..PERFECT..baru beli and restored a second hand office table i bought at Osama Sg Petani..ooh!! u know how i love good and cheap 2nd hand stuff..(missing u, Cash Convertor)..but am not into bundle sangat..during VI time yes..skola2 dulu..now everyday sapu sampah, shopping pun tengok barang rumah, cheap furnitures, 1.90 shops, rase sangatlah tua…

ok..i’m suppose to do research..will write again..this prepaid thing is goodlaa..tak puas hati..i WILL get a broadband for my pc here..you hang on.. ok?


..signing off for the last time from 102, Jalan Murni 1, Taman Murni.

Friday, 10 April 2009

So long, farewell..

It is ok to cry..I feel you dude..i know you’ve tried everything and you’ve been waiting and wanting it so badly..it’s ok..it’s ok..yes..menangislaah.. let it out dude..let it out..nak tissue? Tisu..tisu..tisuuuu~

To the newly elected timbalan menteri, congrats!! may the force be with you…always..

(9:00 am's sun..sungguh cun!)

This will be my last weekend living in Gurun..Rumah sana, Lampu, kipas dah pasang 70%, tadi dah panggil makcik cleaner minta tolong sental rumah. We'll be sleeping over there tomorrow night! Yahooo! Acutally our first "sleep over" was last tuesday.. tak tahan sangat excited-nya! abang wireman kata dah pasang lampu kat master bedroom..heheh

Oklah better get back to the packings..This house akan dikosongkan by Friday next week..(ambil cuti! hehe)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The DAY Malaysians were devided

Bukit Selambau..

As expected, BN lost to PKR in Bukit Selambau. From the way I looked at it, people now likes the “anti” sentiments. Anti-government, anti-rulers, anti ISA ..rebel ..”rebel” may be the perfect word for it. The rebel alliance..It’s like Star Wars. The Imperials (the government) rules the sectors, and the Rebel Alliance consists of Jedi Masters, wookies (Pakatan Rakyat) fight the Imperials to claim their rights and freedom. Well, we know who won at the last episode.. but hopefully, as a Storm Trooper, I really hope that it will be the other way round. The imperials must first clean and destroy all the Siths. The negative forces must first be eliminated in order to reform and gain back the trust of the people from all sectors and planets.

Ok enough of geek wars..besides menang Parliament, banyak lagi benda lain yang ada menangnya.

Poster Spreads
I think the “Kapal Terbang” won. His posters, his face, his banners were everywhere!! From Bedong to Sungai Petani! Everywhere!! This dude is really kaya! Kesian to see that he only managed to get 73 votes.

Poster Design
Poster design goes to BN. This is for the design variance. Tak boring..yalah..they have the funds.

Mobile Support
Mobile support (poster cars and motorcycles) definitely goes to PKR’s supporters. Every road, every street mesti ada kereta PKR.

Supporters paling Taksub
I would say, the Pakatan Rakyat’s especially the PAS and KeAdilan supporters. Sungguh taksub dengan parti mereka dan kadang kala agak menakutkan.

Bonus Winners
Pemilik restaurants, kedai runcit, penjual air dan printing companies di sebelah sini..Masyuuuuk !! I bet last week’s sales are equivalent to their 3-4 months punya revenue!..

Friday, 3 April 2009

Let’s go Random 2!

1.Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Tun Pak Lah di atas segala “jasa-jasa” dan “pengorbanan” beliau terhadap rakyat dan negara Malaysia. Kerana Tun lah saya mula membaca halaman depan surat khabar..(sebelum ni hanya bahagian tengah dan komik sahaja). Kini saya lebih mengetahui pasal kisah-kisah dan drama politik di Malaysia serta mengambil tahu mengenai perkembangan dunia di luar (saya subscribe magazine Newsweek yang dihantar setiap minggu ke meja saya ni). Terima kasih dan saya ucapkan Tun selamat bersara dengan bercucuk tanam bersama-sama Tun Jeanne. Saya “sayang” Tun Pak Lah! xoxoxo…hehe kalau Tun ada Facebook, saya bagi Tun Hugs and kisses lagi..

2.Perdana Menteri ke 6 Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Kepada Datuk Seri, saya ingin ucapkan tahniah di atas perlantikkan Datuk, dan saya sungguh berharap Datuk Seri mengambil serius mengenai kenyataan “menanggung tanggungjawab yang besar” itu. Saya dan rakyat-rakyat kecil ini sungguh berharap agar Datuk Seri dapat menerajui semula negara kita ke arah menjayakan wawasan 2020. Tolonglah kami di industri otomotif negara ini..Saya juga berharap agar Datuk Seri mampu membuat re-branding terhadap BN dan menarik semula minat pengundi-pengundi khususnya golongan muda untuk memilih BN semula. Selamat berjaya di dalam pilihan raya yang akan datang ini. Saya tahu kalau BN kalah, ia akan memberi tamparan hebat terhadap Datuk Seri dan kawan-kawan. Tapi biasalah, bila BN menang, depa akan cakap pakai pengundi hantu..So menang atau kalah pun, bersedialah untuk menerima kritikan dan cemuhan. Selamat berjaya!

3.Bercerita pasal pilihanraya, aku baru sedar yang rumah baru aku ini di dalam kawasan Dun yang tengah hebat diperkatakan...Bukit Selambau. Dulunya senyap je kawasan tu, sekarang ni terus happening! Tengok owner kedai makan, kedai runcit semua senyum je..Minggu lepas masa makan, dah nampak dah 2 top politician....Azmin Ali dengan Mahfuz ..aku rasa ni kali ni macam candidate paling ramai je..15 orang!! semua dah tak percaya government masing-masing ke?

4.On the personal side, berat badan aku dah naik ke 83kg. Dan ini sangat membimbangkan! Kalau nak kira BMI, ideal weight aku adalah 77kg..di mana aku telah berjaya mengecapinya masa nak kahwin dulu. Aku blame sifat malas aku untuk bersenam, pemakanan yang tidak terjaga, serta kekerapan dan jumlah pemakanan yang tidak terkawal. Bukannya apa, Izza sekarang ni dah tak makan banyak, selalu tak habis, so aku kesian lah tengok nasi tu..nasi tu tenung lama je kat aku..buat muka sedih dia..sebelum dia menitiskan air mata, aku pun tolonglah makan dia..bagi dia happy..dan perut 3 packs aku..(Ohm namanya..hehe Izza ada Uhm..aku ada Ohm!!hehe) pun senyum manja je la..So ni aku dah bertekad. Selepas mengikuti The Biggest Loser selama beberapa bulan ni, dan semalam pulak Oprah tunjuk masa dia tengah kurus pulak, buat aku semangat nak menguruskan badan! Aku rasa metabolism level aku agak rendah, so aku target aku nak turun 3 kilo dalam masa 3 minggu.!! Kita nantikan kejayaannya!!

5.Update rumah ku, syurga ku..aku ada upah bangla Superman (Mamin- panggil dia superman sebab dia buat kerja pantas gila…senyum je bangla tu) untuk tanam rumput kat tanah tu..mula-mula konon nak buat sendirilah..tapi malaslaaa…kalau nak tunggu aku buat, sampai Uhm dah masuk form 1 pun aku tak buat-buat lagi..So hari tu pi lah cari tanah, rumput…aku baru tau ada 7 jenis rumput yang terjual kat Malaysia ni!..Jepun, Taiwan, Philippine etc..aku tanya Brader rumput tu, “kalau rumah orang pemalas, pakai rumput apa? “ dia recommend aku Rumput Philippine dengan Mutiara.. so aku pilih lah Philippine..bunyi international sikit..hehe plus cantik pun..so Sabtu ni depa mai hantaq rumput.

Memandangkan rumah aku tingkap keliling bangunan, dan tinggi sampai 90 inci lebih, harga curtain pun tinggi bagai nak rak jugaklaaah!!! Tension aku..mula-mula ingat nak pakai blind kayu je semua (kata rumah orang pemalas)..tengok cost, terus cancel…depan je blind, yang belakang tu semua curtain, tunggu Bonus GT 128 tu..haha Doa tu!

Seronok kalau hidup ni jenis kalau duit kering je, tekan Shift+Control+ Alt+C, type rosebud!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;. Terus dapat duit..semua benda aku boleh beli!! Sorry yang, kitchen kabinet, abang (cewah “abang” tu..) belikan bila ada rezeki lebih sikit nanti ye..

6.Kepada kawan baik aku tu, ketahuilah yang kami ni, rakan-rakan seperjuangan ini menyayangi anda dan kami tidak suka melihat kawan kami ditipu, tertekan dan dikecewakan. Ketahuilah yang kami tak dapat apa-apa keuntungan pun daripada segala penat lelah dan masa yang telah kami korbankan untuk anda itu dan semua ini dilakukan dengan ikhlas dan sejujurnya untuk menolong anda, menolong kawan karib kami. Segalanya sudah terang bersuluh. Janganlah membuang masa lagi. My last plea, put a big “full stop” on the chapter and move on. Please..

7.On the lighter side pulak, Kepada kaum-kaum lelaki yang jalan-jalan dengan aweks tu, tolonglah..Tolong jangan menjinjing hand bag aweks anda..pegang sekejap tu takpa, ni dok jalan2, siap letak kat bahu..ish please laaa..kalau depa tak nak pegang jugak , suruh depa tinggalkan ja kat rumah.

Kepada kaum-kaum lelaki yang jalan-jalan dengan aweks tu, tak semestinya anda yang kena bayar setiap kali keluar makan. Mainlah 1,2, jus!..Konon cinta punya pasal, semua benda nak, kau belikan..makan kau belanja..wayang kau belanja..telefon bill pun kau bayarkan..dia lari dengan jantan lain lu dapat apa? Senyum mengadap dinding je la..

8. Jamiroquai is in Malaysia people!!! Damn!!! Tension tension…bila band favourite turun, kita pulak yang tak boleh nak pergi..ni lah salah satunya yang tak best duduk jauh dari KL….Sakit hatije tengok iklan F1 kat TV tu…