Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The DAY Malaysians were devided

Bukit Selambau..

As expected, BN lost to PKR in Bukit Selambau. From the way I looked at it, people now likes the “anti” sentiments. Anti-government, anti-rulers, anti ISA ..rebel ..”rebel” may be the perfect word for it. The rebel alliance..It’s like Star Wars. The Imperials (the government) rules the sectors, and the Rebel Alliance consists of Jedi Masters, wookies (Pakatan Rakyat) fight the Imperials to claim their rights and freedom. Well, we know who won at the last episode.. but hopefully, as a Storm Trooper, I really hope that it will be the other way round. The imperials must first clean and destroy all the Siths. The negative forces must first be eliminated in order to reform and gain back the trust of the people from all sectors and planets.

Ok enough of geek wars..besides menang Parliament, banyak lagi benda lain yang ada menangnya.

Poster Spreads
I think the “Kapal Terbang” won. His posters, his face, his banners were everywhere!! From Bedong to Sungai Petani! Everywhere!! This dude is really kaya! Kesian to see that he only managed to get 73 votes.

Poster Design
Poster design goes to BN. This is for the design variance. Tak boring..yalah..they have the funds.

Mobile Support
Mobile support (poster cars and motorcycles) definitely goes to PKR’s supporters. Every road, every street mesti ada kereta PKR.

Supporters paling Taksub
I would say, the Pakatan Rakyat’s especially the PAS and KeAdilan supporters. Sungguh taksub dengan parti mereka dan kadang kala agak menakutkan.

Bonus Winners
Pemilik restaurants, kedai runcit, penjual air dan printing companies di sebelah sini..Masyuuuuk !! I bet last week’s sales are equivalent to their 3-4 months punya revenue!..

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