Friday, 10 April 2009

So long, farewell..

It is ok to cry..I feel you dude..i know you’ve tried everything and you’ve been waiting and wanting it so’s’s ok..yes..menangislaah.. let it out dude..let it out..nak tissue? Tisu..tisu..tisuuuu~

To the newly elected timbalan menteri, congrats!! may the force be with you…always..

(9:00 am's sun..sungguh cun!)

This will be my last weekend living in Gurun..Rumah sana, Lampu, kipas dah pasang 70%, tadi dah panggil makcik cleaner minta tolong sental rumah. We'll be sleeping over there tomorrow night! Yahooo! Acutally our first "sleep over" was last tuesday.. tak tahan sangat excited-nya! abang wireman kata dah pasang lampu kat master bedroom..heheh

Oklah better get back to the packings..This house akan dikosongkan by Friday next week..(ambil cuti! hehe)

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