Sunday, 18 July 2010

Umayr is 10!

Umayr turned 10 on the same day as daddy turned "18"..(ehem!)..It was a double "birthday" that 17th. After sending Izza's car to the paint shop in Gurun ( oh yeah..a lori pasir hantam Izza's car last Tuesday..her Kelisa now has a new boot and a new pair of Japan specs rear lamp..), we went to Sunway Hotel George Town to wallop Dim Sum buffet. The food were OK..normal hotel buffet food + dim sum..but the bill surprised us, RM25++ for two!It was a "Buy One Free One" promotion! It ends on July sempat lagi ni!..

Around 4, we went to Gurney Plaza..jalan-jalan and izza treated us Chili's for dinner! I was quite full from the dim sum galore, so we shared Fajita Trio, we ordered kid's meal (free for kids under 12!) a healthy helping of spaghetti with bottom less apple juice for "Umayr" (hehe),mighty delicious mesh potato..also for "Umayr"..and Orange juice..itu pun tak habis..

Slightly after midnight, we arrived home..

Umayr belum tumbuh gigi, but Izza saw "whites" di gusi bawah..10 bulan tak tumbuh gigi ni lambat ke? Ada cakap normal, ada yang cakap lambat..but Izza macam lega, because with gusi pun dia dah gigit sakit kan pulak nanti ada gigi...lagilaa..

Umayr sungguh active merangkak..and he crawls as fast as a speeding bullet!..laju gila! Still can't walk (at his age, is it normal?) but since we "kurung" him in the cot, dia dah rajin berdiri..of course with support (sofa and my lutut)..malas nak belajar tateh..adoi..

Umayr is so active that it is near impossible for us to sit still in 6 minutes. Sekejap-sekejap "Umayr...No!..don't go there! or don't eat that! or UMAYR!.."..penat..

Umayr now is very attached with Izza especially during bedtime..and nenen time..

He mumbles and make sounds a with his saliva, screams and loves bath time..he bangs on almost everything! from tin susu to the door grill..and he puts everything in his mouth..he nearly ate a cicak last few weeks..

Umayr recognizes Itsy Bitsy Spider/Incy Wincy Spider and If You're Happy ..And the word "Jom"..suka betul berjalan budak ni..oh! he loves the steering wheel..why lah budak-budak suka steering wheel?

The last time we weigh him, he was 8.7-ish kg..i think he had a slight drop on the kgs because he is so active now..berpeluh and all..ok lah..sakit lengan jugak dukung budak ni..

Happy 10 Months old Umayr..Mom and Dad loves you!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sharel at 28

1. 3rd year as family man

2. To date, father to Umayr for 10 months

4. Fifth year as motorcycle designer. Been given a bigger role, bigger responsibility..

5. 77kg is still a long way to go! Damn! (taken from last year’s)

6. Family is everything. Don’t ever mess with his family..idols? William Wallace, Maximus and John Q (hehe)

7. Since Umayr, he has not been doing any part-time design services. It is an ‘art-y thing’. If the heart is not 100%, he’ll decline. He rather decline than sabotaging clients with heartless works..

8. Enjoying the neighbourhood.

9. He is now more confident calling the waiters adik.. most of his friends are in the 30s-40s, and he calls them by name. But their wife referred themselves as “kak”..funny…

10. He is turning into an “Orang Tua”. Reading E-paper is a daily routine; he enjoys Discovery and History Channel more than Star World, facebooking doesn’t excite him anymore, he likes to read news and observe politics, he is now more careful on food consumption, for health sake he tries to skip all the ‘disastrous food’ but he still smokes..

11. At 28, he is still into music but now it is hard to classify his favourite genre. Safer to say he is into all minus country, mendayu-dayu+sengau..and way..

12. Hope to complete his master by end of this year. A career change might be interesting..

13. Eyes and ears are always active on the look out for business opportunities..

14. There are times that he feels like he is a boring person now. Maybe because of the kampong environment..i guess he misses life in the wild and crazy steel jungle..especially his monkey mates..

Happy 28th Sharel..Live long and Prosper..Remember, Allah will be with you, always..

Friday, 16 July 2010

How bizarre how bizarre..

Last night I just had the weirdest dream ever!! So bizarre that I can clearly recall 80% of it. Before it fades, I'll try my best to preserve it here.

I'm not making this is up. Last night, I was Lee Chong Wei! the current Badminton no.1.!! Hahaha..i'm not into badminton that much., far from being a fan of LCW. But last night I was him.

So, i was doing some warm ups on the court, jumping here and there, did some swings and smashes.. All of the sudden, my arch nemesis, Lin Dan was on the other side. The bright and cheerful ambience suddenly turned dark, spot lights were pointed directly on us and the indoor arena filled with thunderous cheers from badminton fans who came from nowhere.

i was sweating all over..maybe because of the spot i recall, i didn't do much during warm up sesion. Lin Dan on the other side made me sweat even more. With his ever-'kerek' face, ala Bruce Lee, he asked me to serve .. I was like.." emmm...ok "..

As i was about to serve, suddenly i got this weird feeling, urged me to look downward. You know what i saw? A hole on my white badminton shorts and my "mini me" (definitely not mine because the "hood" is still on..hehe ) was dangling out from it!!! Ya Allah malunya rasa!! Lin Dan and the crowd were all laughing at me!! I ran out from the stadium, in a few seconds, i was in my supposedly bedroom, scavenging the wardrobe for a replacement of badminton shorts..The Mom peeped and asked what was i doing..and i complaint.." Where are my badminton shorts???? I'm the world no. 1 and i don't have a badminton shorts in my wardrobe!!!??

Then I woke up..

Weird huh?

Ada siapa-siapa pandai tafsir mimpi??

p/s: it was just a dream of has nothing to do with the life or death of Dato' LCW and anything that he 'has' or 'has not'..

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

3rd Wedding Anniversary

It's our 3rd anniversary!! Gather few plutonium and fill it in the Delorean!'s gonna be a bumpy ride back to 07/07/07!!!..reaching 88 mph!...

a friend, wife and my life partner..happy 3rd anniversary sayang..

diiringi dengan sentuhan minnie ripperton..."Loooooving's easy coz you're beautifuuuuuul..." malam ni aku sambung..hehe

moments captured by: jayismail

back to the future..