Sunday, 18 July 2010

Umayr is 10!

Umayr turned 10 on the same day as daddy turned "18"..(ehem!)..It was a double "birthday" that 17th. After sending Izza's car to the paint shop in Gurun ( oh yeah..a lori pasir hantam Izza's car last Tuesday..her Kelisa now has a new boot and a new pair of Japan specs rear lamp..), we went to Sunway Hotel George Town to wallop Dim Sum buffet. The food were OK..normal hotel buffet food + dim sum..but the bill surprised us, RM25++ for two!It was a "Buy One Free One" promotion! It ends on July sempat lagi ni!..

Around 4, we went to Gurney Plaza..jalan-jalan and izza treated us Chili's for dinner! I was quite full from the dim sum galore, so we shared Fajita Trio, we ordered kid's meal (free for kids under 12!) a healthy helping of spaghetti with bottom less apple juice for "Umayr" (hehe),mighty delicious mesh potato..also for "Umayr"..and Orange juice..itu pun tak habis..

Slightly after midnight, we arrived home..

Umayr belum tumbuh gigi, but Izza saw "whites" di gusi bawah..10 bulan tak tumbuh gigi ni lambat ke? Ada cakap normal, ada yang cakap lambat..but Izza macam lega, because with gusi pun dia dah gigit sakit kan pulak nanti ada gigi...lagilaa..

Umayr sungguh active merangkak..and he crawls as fast as a speeding bullet!..laju gila! Still can't walk (at his age, is it normal?) but since we "kurung" him in the cot, dia dah rajin berdiri..of course with support (sofa and my lutut)..malas nak belajar tateh..adoi..

Umayr is so active that it is near impossible for us to sit still in 6 minutes. Sekejap-sekejap "Umayr...No!..don't go there! or don't eat that! or UMAYR!.."..penat..

Umayr now is very attached with Izza especially during bedtime..and nenen time..

He mumbles and make sounds a with his saliva, screams and loves bath time..he bangs on almost everything! from tin susu to the door grill..and he puts everything in his mouth..he nearly ate a cicak last few weeks..

Umayr recognizes Itsy Bitsy Spider/Incy Wincy Spider and If You're Happy ..And the word "Jom"..suka betul berjalan budak ni..oh! he loves the steering wheel..why lah budak-budak suka steering wheel?

The last time we weigh him, he was 8.7-ish kg..i think he had a slight drop on the kgs because he is so active now..berpeluh and all..ok lah..sakit lengan jugak dukung budak ni..

Happy 10 Months old Umayr..Mom and Dad loves you!

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izza syahida said...

Hepi 10mths Umayr!!! Mumy n dady loves u sooo much!!

And at 10mths, Nenek lunyai jaga Umayr!! (Tandanya sungguh la lasaknya!)