Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Umayr is 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Umayr!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Nelly vs Malaysia

Nelly just got bashed from fellow Malaysians for tweeting “50% of the crowd can’t even speak English..”

Come on..give him a break.. the fact that he spelled ‘Malaysia’ correctly is good enough. Plus, how on earth does a person like him cares to know whether we speak English, we hunt in the deep jungle for dinner and use sea shells as exchange for Nellyville?

On his accuracy of ‘50% of the crowd’, well maybe he saw half of the crowd wearing this tee-shirt:

"..it's getting hot in here.."

Friday, 16 September 2011

Working on public holiday

Title: Chemical Brothers (drug-free)

Media: Wacom Intuos
Software: Sketchbook Express
Time Spent: Less than 2 hours (yang lain, all-out office work!.."serious")

7 Months Anas!

Happy 7 months old Anas!
Just so you know, today we're celebrating Merdeka/Malaysia Day and for the first time ever (i think,) tahun ni je lah merdeka yang susah nak dengar Sudirman's 'Tanggal 31' song played on radio and TV. Last night our fifth PM, Najib abolished ISA and few other controversial old-school acts and most importantly....wait for it.. I'M IN THE OFFICE, WORKING!!!!! Talk about patriotism...tsk!

Daddy loves you!

p/s: how many times must i tell you, you're waaay too young for Parkour! mommy cakap tadi pagi-pagi dah face-plant..apa la!

pp/s: abang turning 2 tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Approaching Umayr's Year 2

Dear Umayr,

Your birthday is just around the corner and believe us, we are super-excited to celebrate your year 2 with theme of your current favourite thang..uhuh...apa lagi? 'Pixar's Cars'!..

But hey..after considering a looot of factors (mostly because of the time factor-raya open houses, aqiqah at surau, etc..), we've opt for plan B, woo!...trust me, lagi happening!! lagi special!!!

..Hear this... "Carni.."pause for effect.."..Val".. CARNIVAL!!! Yeah dude! It will be just the four of us but with loads more of fun, fun and fun!!!

Can't wait! step on the gas! !!Ka-Chow!!

Invitation card yang tak sempat dihantar

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Home Alone

Last time I used to tease mom every time she cries when I leave Bangkok for KL.

Now after so many years and 2 sons, I finally understand how she feels.

Damnit!… missing them already…

Yah..Wife, Umayr and Anas are in KL til Tuesday.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Hit List

Thanks to my nafsu yang membuak-buak ( and Bonus around the corner), here I reveal my ‘HIT LIST’, with hope a ‘Pay it Forward’ millionaire would read this and sedekah all/some of the items to me.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 7.7. Sorry, Apple too mainstream for me..(using Samsung’s components pun..)
  2. An Organ or A keyboard. Well I know nowadays organ is not the ‘in’ thang..even music schools pun dah stop teaching organs.. Nice to have one so i can teach both my sons music and serenade wife with my ‘fingers’..i mean Organ playing....music lah! Yamaha Electone DDK-7 cukuplah
  3. A small car. Yep the Odyssey is too big for buying garam at the nearby shop. The NGV Sports car too ‘manual’ for the lady to drive..nice to have a small, Auto Transmission , low fuel consumption vehicle to run around town. The new i10 maybe?
  4. 2nd Porch, Kitchen extension with new cabinets+island, cabinets and racks for my books and collectibles..
  5. Storm Trooper and Darth Vader helmet by EFX. Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor, X-Wing and a dedicated glass cabinet for Star Wars diorama.
  6. Nice to have a playhouse complete with a swing and a slide for Umayr and Anas. Lagi best the slide goes straight into the pool! Oh..
  7. Yeah how about a pool!? Ooh i tell you my boys sure will turn out to be pool jocks with their broad shoulders and v-type body shape like the dad..seriously..swimming is the best exercise..
  8. For the mommy,hmm. How bout a trip to US, shop designer goods at warehouses and menziarah Mickey di Disneyland..
  9. Hawaii..damn...Maldives? oh wait wait! Check this out!....”BO”..wait for it..”RA” Bora Bora !! haaaa? Monitor five!
  10. Just gimme the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Menari sehingga kiamat

It looks like Britney has ‘did it again’. I’m quite disturbed with her new video clip “Till the end of time” . The video shows party goers happily dancing while the word is at the brink of kiamat. During the destruction, Britney persuades everyone to keep on dancing sampai mati.

Why this bothers me?
  • Might be the impact of watching 50+ episodes of The Arrivals. Freemasons and The Illuminati shits.
  • Looks like depa ni tak takut dengan kiamat. Nampak macam sungguh confident depa menari ke syurga.
  • Maybe because Britney dulu menipu kata dia virgin..bila couple dengan timberlake, malu-malu nak cakap dia dah tak virgin.
  • Or maybe aku dah berfikiran macam orang tua kolot.. kolot atau tidak, aku peduli apa.!. I still find ‘benda-benda’ macam ‘kiamat’ for example, tak boleh dimain-mainkan..
Syabas Britney..idola ku..

Sunday, 4 September 2011

RAYA 2011

Guess, how was our Raya?

Awesome!..Despite sugar high Umayr, ever-hungry Anas and his every minute tantrums, i did enjoy the long break..especially the mornings. Sungguh bahagia mengamati sang-sang cinta tidur dengan aman serta nyenyaknya..kekadang geram, ku peluk ciumnya mereka dengan penuh kasih manja..damn..if only i could do that everyday..

Selamat Hari Raya folks..
Minta ampun, zahir dan batin..