Friday, 16 September 2011

7 Months Anas!

Happy 7 months old Anas!
Just so you know, today we're celebrating Merdeka/Malaysia Day and for the first time ever (i think,) tahun ni je lah merdeka yang susah nak dengar Sudirman's 'Tanggal 31' song played on radio and TV. Last night our fifth PM, Najib abolished ISA and few other controversial old-school acts and most importantly....wait for it.. I'M IN THE OFFICE, WORKING!!!!! Talk about patriotism...tsk!

Daddy loves you!

p/s: how many times must i tell you, you're waaay too young for Parkour! mommy cakap tadi pagi-pagi dah face-plant..apa la!

pp/s: abang turning 2 tomorrow!!

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