Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Approaching Umayr's Year 2

Dear Umayr,

Your birthday is just around the corner and believe us, we are super-excited to celebrate your year 2 with theme of your current favourite thang..uhuh...apa lagi? 'Pixar's Cars'!..

But hey..after considering a looot of factors (mostly because of the time factor-raya open houses, aqiqah at surau, etc..), we've opt for plan B, woo! me, lagi happening!! lagi special!!!

..Hear this... "Carni.."pause for effect.."..Val".. CARNIVAL!!! Yeah dude! It will be just the four of us but with loads more of fun, fun and fun!!!

Can't wait! step on the gas! !!Ka-Chow!!

Invitation card yang tak sempat dihantar

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