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Gurun - Alor Star - Padang Besar - Kuala Perlis - Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Adan’s Trip
Last Thursday, my ex-VI hostel mate, Ramdhan and his friend Epul came to Gurun ‘melepak’. Since I was on leave that Friday, I took them for a spin to Alor Setar and Padang Besar. We didn’t do much in Alor Setar as most of the shop closes on Friday. So after Jumaat prayers at Masjid Zahir, we zoomed straight to Padang Besar Market. The journey took us merely 1 ½ hours.

Tips for shopping in Padang Besar Market:

1. If you’re going with a partner/or in a group, it is best to have your phone in “working” condition
Football jerseys and cheap handbag does not go along. You will have to split and regroup after few hours.

2. Bargain, bargain, bargain!
I saw this water thumbler with a price tag of RM10. After bargained, at same price, I walked away with 2! Cool kan?

3. Empty your car boot
Trust me. Takkan beli kacang je?

After that, I treated my guest to dinner at Hai Thien in Kuala Perlis. Hai Thien never fails to impress me with their pricing! Three of us, we had steamed siakap in soy sauce, baby kailan with oyster sauce, generous helping of sweet and sour udang lipan, claypot Japanese tauhu, rice, Adan tambah 5, Epul 3 and I had 2, plus Chinese tea for the 3 of us. Guess how much?? My first guess was RM60-RM70. But the bill came in to a surprising RM43 only!!. How cheap is that!!?? How’s the food? Marvelous!!! By the sea lagi!!!

The next day, SUNGAI!!! At first we went to the ever popular Tupah (tempat skodeng tu), tapi tak best lah.. so we went to Titi Hayun. Memang best!! Cool, refreshing..we spent 3 hours mandi sungai!!

Nice to have friends lepaking in Gurun. Mari kawan-kawan! Mai lepak kedah!.

Pak Lah Strikes Back!
Hahah at last our Pak Lah strikes back at Tun and Ku LI. Well Pak Lah, I’m sure this is one of your toughest time, you do Lah what ever you think is right. Just to remind you that your Rakyat is very clever nowadays. We read, observe, and we absolutely know how to differentiate what is right, and what is wrong. Don’t ever underestimate the power of internet. All the best!!

American Idol
It was a shock for me last week to see the petite Ramiele Malubay singing at the end of the result show. Hmmm..kalaulah we have that kind of talent in our boring Akademi fantasia.. “ undilah sayaaaa…Amie, Cuit cuit Cuuuuuuuun” hate that!

Selangor Football
“Bodoh, Bodohlaaa..Bodohnyee….laaaa”. That was the words that came out from my mouth for the whole 70 minutes watching Selangor vs. Kedah on TV1. Weak in passing, weak in finishing, weak in executing strategy..buck up lah Selangor!!! Come on man!! Hang kata hang teghaaa?

Taiwan Trip
During my uni days, I was supposed to go to Taiwan for a design workshop/conference but didn’t get to go because of some political issues. 5 years later, Alhamdulillah dapat jugak menjejak kaki ke Taiwan, InsyaAllah. Another motor show trip for me, although it is a short trip, takpelah..rezeki tu. Can’t wait to snap the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101!

Marliza’s Wedding
Last week also was Marliza Yanti’s nikah and majlis kahwin. Lamaa dah kenal dia ni..since we were 6 in Tadika Sempurna and on/off classmates in Primary school. To my kawan yang paling “tua” (hehe), Selamat datang ke alam perkahwinan, sesungguhnya, TOLERANSI itu adalah kunci kejayaan dalam sesebuah intitusi kekeluargaan. Cewah!..Aku dan Izza ingin mengucapkan selamat pengantin baru kepada Mr. and Mrs. Daud, semoga dikurniakan zuriat yang teramatlah banyak. Amiiin.