Friday, 16 July 2010

How bizarre how bizarre..

Last night I just had the weirdest dream ever!! So bizarre that I can clearly recall 80% of it. Before it fades, I'll try my best to preserve it here.

I'm not making this is up. Last night, I was Lee Chong Wei! the current Badminton no.1.!! Hahaha..i'm not into badminton that much., far from being a fan of LCW. But last night I was him.

So, i was doing some warm ups on the court, jumping here and there, did some swings and smashes.. All of the sudden, my arch nemesis, Lin Dan was on the other side. The bright and cheerful ambience suddenly turned dark, spot lights were pointed directly on us and the indoor arena filled with thunderous cheers from badminton fans who came from nowhere.

i was sweating all over..maybe because of the spot i recall, i didn't do much during warm up sesion. Lin Dan on the other side made me sweat even more. With his ever-'kerek' face, ala Bruce Lee, he asked me to serve .. I was like.." emmm...ok "..

As i was about to serve, suddenly i got this weird feeling, urged me to look downward. You know what i saw? A hole on my white badminton shorts and my "mini me" (definitely not mine because the "hood" is still on..hehe ) was dangling out from it!!! Ya Allah malunya rasa!! Lin Dan and the crowd were all laughing at me!! I ran out from the stadium, in a few seconds, i was in my supposedly bedroom, scavenging the wardrobe for a replacement of badminton shorts..The Mom peeped and asked what was i doing..and i complaint.." Where are my badminton shorts???? I'm the world no. 1 and i don't have a badminton shorts in my wardrobe!!!??

Then I woke up..

Weird huh?

Ada siapa-siapa pandai tafsir mimpi??

p/s: it was just a dream of has nothing to do with the life or death of Dato' LCW and anything that he 'has' or 'has not'..


amadzlan said...

wthhhh. hahaha. malam tadi pulak aku mimpi semua orang kat KL cakap Spanish except me! haha world cup punya pasal la ni :P

sharel said...

pergh macam dalam Spanish soap ka? least class lah skit...ini...aduih..aku rasa malam tadi semua orang mimpi pelik paaa?