Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mew - Am I Wry? No

I appreciate and love "creative" sound. What is my definition of "creative" sound ?
A music track that has crazy and unpredictable arrangements; or a song that incorporates interchangeable wild major and minor chords; or a simple chorded track, but whacky and running bass line (because I love playing bass). Instruments? I don't care much about that. As long as the arrangements is crazy yet harmonic.

Why i love Deftones? Although mostly Deftones writes predictable arrangements, the creative combination of melodious vocals and hard metal excites me. The sound? Marvellous!

Why Weezer? Yes, Weezer writes using simple chords as well. But check out the Pinkerton album. The chord arrangements were crazy!

Why L'Arc~En~Ciel? Although i don't understand a word of what they're saying (except for few the English words..) but listen carefully to the Bass. If you're a bass player, I bet you will love Tetsu's finger works..Salute!

Come, let me welcome Mew to your ears. Introduced by my brother few years ago after his New Zealand trip.

When I think of "creative" sound, "Am I Wry? No" is my answer.

The Original Version

Video Clip Version

What's yours?


amadzlan said...

suka L'Arc~En~Ciel jugak, bass dia meletop!


1. Skip James - Devil's Got My Woman
2. anything by Telepopmusik
3. anything by Goldfrapp
4. Broken Social Scene - Shampoo Suicide
5. my dude suka Sigur Ros

sharel said...

Great!!Definitely will look into all that!!