Friday, 12 June 2009

My Resignation Letter

This letter was distributed to the committee members on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 6:05 pm.


Dear fellow Ninetyniners

I am writing to let you know that I am handing over my responsibility and post as President of Ninetyniners to the V.P., Mr. Muhammad Ramdhan Susami with immediate effect until the next AGM meeting.

The main reason for my decision is simply the geographical distance. As voiced out during the election of Ninetyniners Committee members in 2007, it is not practical to have a leader who is 400 km away. More issues can be resolved and achieved if the decision maker is in KL.

My tenure as President for this past 2 years has been an exciting and a challenging one. To me, the greatest challenge was initiating and the forming of the group. So far, we have managed to gather 80% updated data and contacts of our batch from all around the world. We have organized all kinds of activities; paintball, inter-batch games, new year’s BBQ party, mini gatherings and of course the 10th Year Reunion Dinner. Besides all the fun activities, we have also organized charity works- the 99 Yaasiin contribution drive.

I hope everyone will continue to support the Ninetyniners and our new President, Muhammad Ramdhan Susami. Ramdhan is a “natural born leader”: He was the No. 1 in the Prefects Board and the VI Cadet Corps. After school, he has been involved with VIOBA, VICC and school activities. I have full confidence and trust in handing over my post to him and believe, with his innovative ideas, he will bring Ninetyniners to another great level!

I thank you all for giving me the opportunity and privilege to work and serve you. It is truly an honour and very fulfilling to helm the first two years of the NinetyNiners, and being supported by committee members who gave their utmost dedication and commitment to realizing the activities during my tenure.

Thank you

Let not the Blues Fade Away
Signing out,

Sharel Abdul Wahid

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