Sunday, 12 February 2012

Anas 1st birthday party

Dear anas,

On 11th february (5 days early), we did a small do at no.40 to celebrate your 1st birthday. There were balloons, sweets (lots of them!), toys, chocolates, cakes, cup cakes..and  Alhamdulillah ramai yang datang!

Yang tak best, its just frustrating that i was sick the whole day, i tried to stay on and join the fun but the headache is unbearable. Parties & headaches  doesn't jive at-all!

We will have another one, on your real birthdate. I guarantee 'happening' but in a small scale. Oh remember i've promised to take you guys to Carnivale after i've submitted my thesis?! InsyaAllah next saturday we'll go!

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