Friday, 17 February 2012

My One Year Old Anas!

Alhamdulillah. Another Project 365 has completed (Umayr's). This would not be IT without the hands of Allah, thank You so much!, the 2nd photographer, Izza aka 'the Mom', who has contributed numbers of beautiful snaps of Anas when he was not with me, Anas's best bud, Umayr-he must have gave our model a word or two-maybe tips on poses and stuff, and lastly the model himself, Anas. Well..although at times he was such a diva, but i enjoyed every second of the sessions and it was such a pleasure shooting him.

Anas, on your first birthday:
1. Gigi 4 batang (2 atas, 2 bawah)-kuat mengigit mommy
2. Rambut ikal dan nipis
3. Refuse to bertateh - rejected the walker
4. Sungguh laju merangkak
5. Menjerit, ketap-ketap gigi
6. Setiap hari menangis
7. Everyone loves you birthday boy..

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mrs_oldtimer@eirna said...

Sekejap je dah setahun..Happy 1st besday Anas...