Thursday, 10 November 2011


Last night, while I was busy rearranging my jet fighters into my new IKEA glass display cabinet, my greatest fear (at that moment) actually came true! Kantoi-ed by Umayr! from a far he went "oooh and aaaaah"(note: when dealing with precious scale models, that expression means danger..Especially when it comes from your 'terrible two'..) Thanks to my healthy count of midiclorian, with a little wave, I managed to shut the door.. and as expected, he cried and banged the glass door; wanting to get a hold on my collectibles. As my Umayr is immune to my Jedi powers, i quickly divert his attention towards the boxes lying on the floor.

Started-off by turning it into a 'fence'.."buka pintu.." and he went in..fuuuh! selamat... then the fence transformed into a "fortress"! Because the foundation for the ceiling is flimsy, it quickly transformed into a 'tall closet', gateway to Narnia!!!! woooooooo!!

I will never forget his smile, laughter, his rabbit teeth and his 'sepet'ness...Umayr, umayr..

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