Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oooh it's a holiday

Rezeki, rezeki...yesterday we were supposed to brave the rain for Unversal Studio Singapore but we end up spending our Deepavali stretch (since Wed) at KPJ Johor Specialist instead. What can i say..redha je la. USS can wait. It's Umayr, they detected signs of pneumonia.. after shots of drugs, nubes and bottles of 'drips', he's very much improved now. I hope today he's fit enough for the doctors to stamp 'discharge'. Note to self: Positive thinking helps.

When you're married and with kids, there is no such thing as getting 100% relaxed during family vacation. Izza kata kalau duduk pulau? Nanti risau Umayr/Anas lari masuk laut la, masuk bilik tak basuh kaki yang berpasir, lompat-lompat atas katil bilik, menangis nak panjat pokok kelapa la, poo poo masa mandi pool la..running around the restaurant during lah.. it is impossible to just shut down to all that. But you could if you've the most 'un-child' kid, say you have 2 year old twins-boys lagi! tapi perangai macam robot. Suruh duduk, duduk.. makan, makaan..tidur, tiduuuur...otak tak creative dan mengharap pada arahan this case, maybe bolehlah relax sikit..say 95%? No.. i don't want my kids to be like that. And i'm not saying that this is the downside of being a family man. Anggaplah macam tengah main challenge level 3. Muka big boss tu dah ganas dah, tapi bagi low-kick 2-3 kali, upper-cut sikit, mati dah..Challenge tetap challenge tapi senang settle. The key here is 'lower down your expectations'. Takpayah lah nak mengharap sangat to your fantasy holidays tu. Stick to the objectives sudah. Contohnya, saya nak holiday bersama keluarga, objective untuk spend more time playing with my boys. Stick to that. Tak payah nak fikir apsal bilik hotel ni macam sial or service restaurant ni macam hampeh, barang mahal tak boleh nak beli souvenir..
So i told Izza, my ideal holiday is lepak at home, with family and do all the stuff i love. Cukuplah hari-hari keluar rumah pagi balik malam. Aku nak chill kat rumah layan family.

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