Friday, 19 August 2011

6 Months old Anas

Anas-anas...he should be at least 8 kgs now..Sharing same diaper size as Umayr, "talks" a lot and "loud"..(perhaps got that from my mom's gene..hehe) and ever hungry. Ooo you should see his 'peha'..daaaaaamn.."berketak-ketak"! Macam fresh from the oven croissant!

Love you Anas.. jom buka saving account!


izza syahida said...

did u know that ada BBI (berat badan ideal) for baby 0-12mths..*wife pon baru tau hari ni..*

the calculation : baby age(month) divide by 2 + 4 = BBI

as for Anas: 6/2+4 = 7kg..

Anas now is 8kg kot..heheheh kene exercise kah?

sharel said...

daddy dia yg kena exercise!