Thursday, 31 March 2011


OK this will be a fast one.
  1. Very happy that Izza and the boys are currently on the way back! Yahooo!
  2. Happy that i’ve not inhale unwanted smoke into my lungs for nearly a week now. My last tobacco was last month and my last vaporized smoke (e-ciggs) was last week.
  3. Happy that i’m able to save a lot on petrol since the sports car is breathing most of the time on NGV.
  • Before: I have to spend RM300 per month on petrol only. (60 km per day X 22 working days + few extra KMs pergi kedai and such). Estimated 1 day = RM13.60 of petrol.
  • Now: Full tank of NGV = RM10.00 (actually 9.80+). That RM10 can travel up to 220 km! (based on my personal endurance test). Meaning, 60km per day X 22 working days = 1320 km per month. 1320 km divide by 220km = 6 times refuelling. So 6 times RM10 = RM60.00 per month!! From RM300 per month, i managed to reduce my petrol expenses to RM60!! OKlah.. the car still needs petrol (to ignite engine in the mornings), hmmm..maybe a solid RM30 should be enough for 2 months! So RM60 of NGV + RM15 of Petrol = RM75!!!! Cool kan?


hafsha said...

sharel..pasang mende alah NGV tu berapa RM?ada any side effects x?we plan to have one as we both have to travel about 100++ km pegi blk kije..dan sy xnk kayakan tauke stesen minyak..memandangkan kami x kaya2.

sharel said...

it depends on the system of your car..harga carburettor murah sikit dari fuel-injection. Aku punya cost 2850.
Kalau nak install NGV, make sure Installer tu registered with JPJ. Kalau pergi yang murah tu, equipment dan cara depa pasang tak confirm selamat.

hafsha said...

owhh..ok thanks for the info..nnt kami kne servey2 neh