Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Skew the nonsense

Ok this is funny.

Datuk T (Mr.T!) invited reporters to the great Carcosa Negara to watch porn!! According to Mr.T, the pornstar resembles a top Opposition leader, a Datuk Seri, a parliament member and his wife is also active in politics (obvious lagi boleh?). Upon grabbing the complimentary popcorn, all members of the media were searched and had their mobile phone taken away; this is to make sure that there are no ‘pirate’ activity going on. Meaning no replication and the show was exclusively for the eyes of the selected few.

Few minutes after that, PKR communications director tweeted, saying that the video was doctored, sama macam kes gambar E*ry and L*nda R*far "cuddling" , Nab*l, Raja Lawak’s smooch-fest and anak Pontianak, Z*rina An-Jul*e’s.“Superimposed” by some super-expert ‘photovideo’ doctor.
"..Look at me abs! Globo Gym Purple Cobra! Hsssss.."

Few hours after that, DSAI denied in a press conference that the star was not him. Stressed out that during the “imposter” was “getting jiggy with it” with the east asian prostitute, he was at home with PKR staff, his wife, children, grandchildren and kebetulan tweeting. He then showed his firm abs and pointed that the man in the video looked very much like him except his stomach was bigger. But then he said, "Saya masih belum lihat video itu dan tindakan susulan akan dilakukan selepas mendapat bukti-bukti yang diperlukan,”. Hmm..ok maybe one of his reporter friend attended the show and cerita balik the whole 22 minutes of porno actions perfectly to him (kita kena bersangka baik..).

DSAI’s camp in unison voiced that the video was doctored, another effort by the government to “kill” AI and a desperate tactic to win Sarawak polls.
Clearly this issue is very politically motivated.
  1. Involves high profile politician, hidden cctv ?
  2. Video surfaced ahead of Sarawak polls.

From my opinion, sungguh bodoh dan bengaplah government if they're involved in this (accusation from opps.). Why?

  1. Sarawak is BN’s strong hold; they have no problem winning their hearts. PKR in Sarawak is like a pinch of salt from the small fry.
  2. If the plan is to smear AI’s name, tak cukupkah dengan kes liwat tu? Nowadays our papers dah macam gay sex novel. Super Ewwww!! The reports were very detail,’rectum’ here, ‘anal there’…ish!..imagine kalau ada budak kecil yang baru nak belajar baca surat khabar..”ayah-ayah, ‘liwat’ tu apa?” jenuh nak jawab..
  3. ‘Serahkan DNA Movement’ from numbers of NGO tu pun can consider kuat dah.
  4. Many PKR founders, leaders and members have openly expressed their disappointments over him and some have jumped, switched and even setup a new party.

Why the need to ‘create’ another drama? Cukuplaaaah…

Looking at this scenario, if I’m in his position, I’ll plant the video myself. Hire a lookalike, record them doing their thang, wait for the right moment, order the ‘masked magician’ to reveal the masterpiece to the press. Deny everything, accuse the government for the setup and amplify that this is one of their efforts to bring me down. Then I’ll go on a road show to gain sympathy, gain new and stronger support from the public. I believe this strategy would help clean some of the anti-virus that has been clinging on for quite some time now. Ini kalau aku lah kan…

Anyway the truth will prevail and I hope that it’ll be a speedy one. Meluat dah baca surat khabar pasal seks ini dan seks itu…

Dari Mu’adz bin Jabal RA bahawasanya Rasulullah SAW bersabda.
“Ertinya : Takutlah kepada doa orang-orang yang teraniaya, sebab tidak ada hijab antaranya dengan Allah (untuk mengabulkan)”. (Shahih Muslim, kitab Iman 1/37-38)

Stupid politics…dua-dua bengap..


amadzlan said...

that's why aku dah malas nak amik tau pasal seks/liwat scandal ni semua. bodoh. proves that malaysians are obsessed with sex and please lahhhh not everything revolves around anwar's dick!

sharel said...

TRUE TRUE! sex is interesting and everyone knows that 'sex sells'..but when it involves liwat and Anwar, man..turn-off gila-gila punya!