Wednesday, 9 March 2011

No Cow Sense

As a normal human being, we must accept that some people are born with no cow sense. Please cut them some slack. They’re not stupid, it’s in their blood; blood line, inherit, passed down from generations to generations. There’s nothing we can do to fix this. They live as if they’re the only soul in this world. Their scope of ‘common sense’ is only between the 2 to 3. So if you ever stumble upon them, just smile and be thankful that the sun is still shining, the moon still shines bright in a dark sky and the birds are still chirping happily under the oak trees.

To all born & raised no cow sense (NCS) people out there, i salute!
  1. Parked your Kancil in 2 parking spaces? No problem! Next time try side parking, maybe your Kancil can fit in 3 parking spaces!
  2. Driving on a 3 lane highway and you’re maintaining 70km/h on fast lane? Great!!! Safety first!
  3. Double parking? Triple parking also not a problem! Next time, please...block the road! The parking is still far from the restaurant? Just park it IN the restaurant! By the cashier! This is what we call ‘Drive-in’!!
  4. Why switch on the light during heavy rain? Why waste your battery like that? As long as you can see the road, good enough!
  5. Don’t want to dirty your hands by pressing the flush handle? Wonderful! Just walk-off and leave your ‘stash of gold’ in there for everyone to admire! Remember, you’ve already paid 20 cents entry fee?
  6. Never heard of the word “thank you/please”? No worries. Ignore it. It’s meaningless. Silence is a virtue
  7. Cutting queue? Go ahead. You’re old, weak and the white light is upon you. No hard feelings. It’s just an hour queue..
  8. Surprise visit to our house at midnight? That’s a classic! We have already prepared boxes of maggi mees to entertain ad-hoc visitors.
  9. Please call back during prayer times and dinner. Why waste on sms?
  10. To my muslim NCS brothers out there, please pray exactly at the main entrance or at the back most saf. No need to feel guilty, we can wait and walk across after you’ve finished your prayers. Even if you’re reciting the as-Sajadah or al-Baqarah.

p/s: aku rasa banyak kali dah aku sebut pasal ni...


gmah said...

patut tambah lagi to those yg nak keluar parking tapi it took them like forever, pakai seat belt 5mins. masuk gear 5mins. tgk side mirror 5mins. kau sorg je la bayar parking org lain x?
nak masuk simpang, dh masuk baru nak bg signal, driving skills kau mmg super power.

tp #5 tu mmg aku paling anti lah. + yg dok pijak2 seat & membuang berterabur lg satu hal. kau perempuan kot ape kejadah weh..

mmg tak boleh nak diajar lg dh. these kind of people memang too selfish lah..

sharel said...

eh betullaah..missed that..takpa sat lagi aku tambah..