Thursday, 10 March 2011

KL Lurve

Things to do when I’m back in KL tomorrow.
We’ll start off sesudah Subuh, so most probably sampai before 12 pm.

  • Sampai KL, drop stuffs at 40. Lepak sekejap, to VSP.
  • Dinner with family
  • To Pertama Complex/ Campbell to buy Dr. Marten’s boots! Tiba-tiba teringin nak pakai balik..but as work shoes la, more practical..
  • To Ikea to buy that darn projector bulb! Menyesal..Next time kena consider type of bulb masa beli lampu di Ikea. Or tukar the whole thing and buy a new set?hmmmm..
  • To Kak Linda’s for tahlil arwah abang mat’s 100 days. Not sure Taman Tun ke Sg Penchala..anyway dekat Ikea lah tu.. In the same time boleh jumpa family..banyak family gathering tak join hari tu..
  • I think Izza tak join tahlil kot.. she’ll stay in VSP
So Saturday ni nampaknya quite packed.

  • Family day. The whole crew will be left in KL for a month plus (kot?) so i need to spend most of the time with them.
  • Send them to 40.
  • Back to SP before sundown
KL, anak jati mu kan pulang ke pangkuan esok!!

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