Monday, 31 January 2011

Ihm-Around the Corner

Ihm's due date is around the corner! Izza's next doctor's appointment in on the 7th, that's like..NEXT WEEK! Ihm pun dah mula mengganas, strecthing, kicking..eager to pop out from the oven!

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Izza cakap semalam, "nampaknya kita berjaya ada dua anak before we hit 30.." hahaha..InsyaAllah.. Oklah, 34 when Umayr hit the white and blues, 36 Ihm pulak, by that time, Umayr dah standard 3, adalah geng di sekolah. When we hit the 4 series, Umayr baru start pakai green pants. 2 years later, Ihm pulak. At 45, Umayr akan sibuk isi borang UPU, Ihm anxiously waiting for February, for his sweet 16 Ferrari (yeah right!). By the time Ihm simpan rambut panjang (standard- lepas SPM je, kena simpan rambut panjang..freedomlah konon), this 2 old folks dan berumur 47 years old.

47 years old - Kalau umur panjang, dan anak hanya Umayr and Ihm, kembalilah kami ke zaman dating seperti 28 tahun yang lepas. Masa tu bolehlah jalan-jalan, lepak by the park, kalau ada duit, travel the world..

Hmmm..Basically that's life's a fact. We can't runaway from age, time..and death. The difference between one's life and another depends on how they colour it. Sunny? gloomy?stormy? There's still time..but do it fast.. Let me quote Jay Kay,

"Time won't wait for you, So do all the things you wanted to
Better hurry up, take it in your stride, And use your resolution which you've been supplied.."
I've wandered too far..anyway...Ihm, see you soon!!! Can't wait to hold you in my arms! (especially mom!..kesian dia..)

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