Friday, 5 February 2010

February -Berry

I have not been updating my net world especially here and FB for quite some time now...lately I’ve been extra busy at work, preparing myself for an upcoming project. Besides that I am also trying to slow down on everything hoping that I could concentrate more on my masters..but susahlah..So far the progress is at a very slow pace..need-to-turbo-…

Anyway this week’s issues are:

1. The Fiat Yamaha Team unveiled its new 2010 livery yesterday in Sepang, the 2010 YZR-M1. What makes this machine interesting this year is the usage of bahasa melayu on it. First is of course the huge PETRONAS decals (PETROliam NASional), they have been using it since last year. But the more obvious usage of bahasa is at it’s tail end, “Semakin Di Depan”, sponsored by Yamaha Indonesia.Cool! Now the whole motor world will be exposed to bahasa melayu! Good one, Yamaha Indo!..The Sepang MotoGP will be on 10/10/10..If everything goes well, Sepang would be the right place and time to crown Rossi’s 10th world champ title!..Viva Vale! A must go!

2. Politics..Virtually now it looks like all political parties in Malaysia are on the rocks. Umno is having problem with the Ku Li’s case, MCA with the boycott issues, internally PKR is having issues especially on the police report, Ronnie Liu and Penang MB.. now Nik Aziz wants PAS and UMNO to sit together ..i wonder how the hardcore PAS members will react to this..Entahlah…

3. The DSAI Liwat issue. Today is the day 3 of DSAI’s sodomy trial. I’ve been following it since day one. So far we’ve heard “eecky” stories by Saiful on how he was lead to the bed, the CCTV, sperm evidence and of course the popular phrase, “Can I **** you today?” ..I am eager to see how Karpal Singh and the defence team counter this allegation. Win or lose the ruling party sure kena! Why?

If DSAI loses and get the 20 years, I bet it will be another 1998. Street riots and everything! Why? They will say “ Ni konspirasi pihak kerajaan nak menjatuhkan DSAI! Saiful menipu!REFORMASI!! yada yada..”

If DSAI wins the case, oh my!..the story will be told over and over again, down till the 7th generation!!”Tengok!? dah cakap dah!! Kerajaan ni sengaja je nak mengeheret DSAI to court..”

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