Sunday, 16 November 2008

My name is Junkie, Sony Junkie

I have a new toy. A new Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Got it at a very cheap price from a friend whom just got back from Japan. It is new, a PSP Slim 2000, manufactured in august 2008, original and equipped with the latest firmware, 4.01; which sadly is a problem to me. Most of the PSPs sold in Malaysia were cracked; enables user to install “pirated” games into the memory stick, a cheaper method compared to Sony's UMD (universal mini disc) disc game (sold at RM80-RM200 per game). Cracking the PSP is easy. You can either download a cracked firmware and install it yourself or just send it to a professional which only cost you 10-15 minutes and RM50-RM100 of service charge. But so far the cracking is only applicable to the versions before mine. According to the “pros”, Sony has found away of solving this problem (the problem is actually low sales of UMD games); Do you remember the mission messaging device from Mission Impossible? “ "This tape will self-destruct in ten seconds." ..something like that..But the pros said they haven't found the crack yet..”yet” means hope! So let's wait for the hackers to do their job. In the mean time, i make do with my cool used UMD game i got from Ebay.

Having this gadget made me realized that i have quite a collection of Sony products. Camera, DVD player, game consoles, walkman and phones. Why Sony? I don't know. I don't think Sony is the best product in the market plus it is quit pricy compare to the other competitors in the market. I guess i just got lucky having them at a knocked down price.


izza syahida said...

nnti carikkn the sim 2 game tau... sy x reti main star wars battle ni..

sharel said...

ok! tunggu dia keluaq kat ebay naaaa..

Jay Ismail said...

bile nak amik SONY A900 laks...hahahaha