Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My KL trip

I enjoyed my Deepavali trip. First and foremost, of course lah jumpa wife tersayang.. Secondly, I’ve managed to add a new “brother” to my DSLR family, thirdly dapat jumpa dan beraya with my VI brothers, visited uncle yang baru kena minor heart attack and lastly attended my ex colleague , Jawer‘s kenduri kahwin in Banting. Accomplished all that in just 3 days! Hebat!

HVL-F58AM-link to Sonystyle 
 Went out with sifoo (check out his website!)to look for a new flash gun. At first I was aiming for a slightly lower spec model (the F42-budget in mind), but suddenly we saw the F58 model, and was very surprise with the price tag! Have been read and impressed with the reviews few months back, and some injections by the sifoo, so I decided on it. Ada drama sedikit. At first, the machine rejected my credit card, and I was so disappointed, frust gilaaaa because we have tested and belek the flash for nearly 2 hours kat kedai tu. Dalam keadaan sedih, we walked back to the car in Low yatt. As we were about to enter Low Yatt, Abang called..heheh I call that fate..

left to right : Sifoo at work, one of the earlier pics using the F58, the new addition..welcome-welcome!

Konvoi Raya 2008-link to 99ers
So far dari 1999, my batch tak pernah miss mengadakan konvoi Raya. One year tu sampai dekat 10 kereta, even last year’s pun consider ramai! This year nyaris-nyaris tak jadi, nasib baik. Although tak seramai dulu, but still we’ve managed to go 4 houses (I pi 3 rumah je). Special this year, ada baby yang ikut sama!

Kenduri Kahwin Jawer
Jawer was my ex colleague. He is now attached with Media Prima. Sempatlah lari pi Banting tengok dia kahwin. Lee and family came all the way from Kedah. Nazmi of Lotus and Nizam of Emos were also there.

Deepavali@ Muthu’s-link to 99ers
Since 1998, I think I only missed 1 Deepavali at Muthu’s. Ni pun jadi macam satu tradition for our batch. This year tak berapa ramai like previous years..tapi still best jumpa school mates yang jarang2 jumpa!

left to right :konvoi at Jep's, jawer's wedding and Muthu's Deepavali

I don’t know why, no matter how many friends you’ve got, school friends ni lain macam sedikit..kan? Style melawak pun lain, style borak-borak pun lain..kita rasa loose sikit bila melepak dengan school mates. Next year I’m organizing our batch’s 10th year Reunion probably dekat school. Can’t wait..



Jay Ismail said...

lookin forward for sum gambar2 motor beb..heheheheheh

Marliza Radzi. said...

wah wah sudah ada flash!

Jay Ismail said...

mickey the flasher..hahaha

sharel said...

jay ismail: aku kena lap habuk2 kat motor2 aku dulu..hehe

marliza radzi: bukan sahaja sudah ada flash, tambah satu lagi!! bak kata sifoo, "artistic photograghpy"? eh betul ke?

jay ismail: hahaa..*flash flash.. flash gordon ok..

Jay Ismail said...

flash photography bang..buleh main creative lighting...flash itu satu keperluan..bukan nafsu bro..keperluan demi masa depan dan buleh digunakan untuk menjana lebih dana untuk tujuan 'naik gred'..hehehehe

sharel said...

haaa "flash photography"..betul tu bukan nafsu!!