Friday, 24 October 2008

Ear infection

Currently I’m on "Mono" mode. I have an infection in my left ear and it is so DAMN irritating. Went to Pantai Medical SP last Wednesday, drugged and have been sleeping early since then. So what causes ear infection? The doctor said there are three:

1. Excessive ear digging – (“luckily” seldom do that..hehe)

2. Swimming – It seems that the chlorine used in pools is quite harmful to our inner skin..ya ka?

3. Shampoo – Ha! I think this might be the culprit. Maybe the Ph level of the shampoo is not suitable for my skin.

So how to avoid from getting one? Don’t clean your ears, don’t jump in the pool and don’t shampoo. Hahaha..


izza syahida said...

aiyoo..itu macam ka..busuk ler!! -,-

sharel said...

Namun, kamu tetap mencintai ku kan..??hehe

izza syahida said...

busuk2 pun, tetap menjadi pojaan hatikuuu..

sharel said...

hik hik hik