Tuesday, 20 May 2008

"What you doing Bobby?"

My last entry was on 7th May.. and that time bak orang Kedah cakap, tengah ‘CIWI’ dengan my new gadget. I’m still ‘CIWI’, still exploring..and the deeper I go, the more I’m loving it. Being an ‘empty pocketed’ tech enthusiast, owning such product dah cukup best dan gempak gila punya! But at times I do miss my K750i especially the 2.0 Mega Pixel camera. Way better than my current 3.2 Mega Pixel.:(

One of the best features that my gadget has is the built in WLAN, meaning, I am able to surf the internet freely at any WIFI spots. Cool huh? Check email, surf websites, internet banking-all on the go! But last night I realized the down side of it. Izza and I went yamcha at Old Town Kopitiam (WiFi-able). As soon as we sat down,i terus keluar my phone and browsed the net. We didn’t talk or whatsoever, I was only concentrating on my phone, “tut tet tut tet” ntah browse apa sampai my hazelnut ice blended tu nak habis. Luckily my beloved wife tegur, and i was like "wooosh" back to reality world. So kiddos..especially me yang tengah ‘CIWI’,try give the technology a break. Kembalilah ke pangkal kehidupan social yang normal.

Last Friday, Izza and I joined abang and family in Langkawi. We managed to hop on the earliest Ferry (7:15 am) and arrived 1 hour 45 minutes later. Nothing new in Langkawi only that this time around, abang brought us to Westin for breakfast, checked out the Westin’s RM3000 per night Villa (memang cool!!). This trip I got to mandi laut sepuas-puasnya! Pantai Chenang memang best! but most importantly, dapat lepak with my big bro and his family. Priceless.

Our house dah nearing to complete! From our last visit yesterday, pintu, tingkap semua dah pasang! They are working on the porch, pavements and the minor exteriors. So fast!
With the progress of the house going steadily plus the letter from the bank also dah sampai, next month kitaorang akan start bayar the house loan. The start of our 25 years relationship with the bank. Chaiyo!

Che Det
Also during that Langkawi trip, we stopped over at “Langkawi’s Monte Carlo”, Telaga Harbour. Memang style!! Tun really got taste! Borak with the locals, the Tun is so well loved by the Langkawians.. this guy cakap, every hotel in Langkawi ada satu bilik khas for him, and he is free to choose whereever to crash in. “Che Det bila mai sini takyah bodyguard bodyguard punya…”praises and lots of that to the former premier .
His announcement of keluar dari UMNO shocks not only the Malaysian soils, probably the world too. According to many, this is his final act of pressuring Pak Lah to step down. Tun, whatever you do pun, I am your number 1 supporter! In Che Det, we trust!

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