Wednesday, 4 June 2008

3 years

3 years. I have been a motorcycle designer for 3 whole years. Come to think about it, it is quite cool to realize that I am one of the only 3 motorcycle designers in Malaysia (because there is only one motorcycle R&D/ Styling department in Malaysia). The feeling tu rasa macam an extinct animal.. 3 out of 2 billion. Happy 3rd Anniversary kepada diri.

Then it comes to this. Is this the time for me to move on? Is there a need for me to move to another company? For your information, work wise I’m very happy with my job. My idea of ‘the best job in the world’ is ‘paid hobby’, which is what I’m doing now. I have no problem with the work environment, except for the bosses. I guess that is normal. Who has no problem with them? Gaji. When you have a credit card, monthly bills and a jumbo amount house loan, salary IS a problem. Salary issue is so powerful that it pushes away all the good things and boosts the negatives. Resulting to loss of interest in work, laziness and of course it decreases the work performance. How to overcome this? A RAISE. Who is responsible for raising the salary? The Boss. If you have a boss whom doesn’t care about salaries and so sensitive to even talk about the subject, how are you suppose to be given a promotion?

So going back to my questions, is this the time for me to move on? Is there a need for me to move to another company?
You betcha!

On a lighter issue, We are going to Bangkok for our 4th (kot) Honeymoon tomorrow! Yang thrill about this trip ialah this is my first trip to Bangkok pakai duit sendiri..meaning duduk hotel dan bayar sendiri. Bukan company bayar, dan bukan duduk rumah. So agak challenging because the budget is tight, tapi tempat nak pegi tu banyak. Lets see.lets see…


Jay Ismail said...

theres a book..

"the monk who sold his ferrari"..

i drafted my resign letter after i read the last page of the book....


sharel said...

aku macam pernah dengar pasai buku ni!..nanti gua check it out!