Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My last motorcycle design project

Finally..after roughly 2 years of design and development, my last motorcycle design work has hit the market. Launched on March 1st 2012. I was in the team during the initial stage of the project right up to surfacing design (then i left for Inokom). Maybe the end data pun dah banyak ubah sampai hilang hasil sentuhan aku. Well I don’t mind. I don’t mind at-all. Yang penting, project ni dah siap and I’m damn proud of it.

Designed by Lee (Roslee – also the ‘father’ of GT and CT) with support of design styling members and engineers yang makan durian, petai and tempoyak. Yes they’re local, Malaysian. No re-badging or ciplak design whatsoever. Designs were done from scratch! So to all you negative Malaysians out there (yes I’ve read your comments)..terpulanglah. Sampai bila nak mengagong-agongkan orang luar?

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