Thursday, 21 October 2010


Unlike Car designers, motorcycle designers are a little 'exclusive', 'rare breed'..maybe because they run in small numbers, less glamour than their counterparts in the four wheeler divisions.

In Malaysia, there is only one company who does motorcycle design(actively), that is MODENAS Sdn Bhd. Production or not, the Stylists of MODENAS have produce many design works, from quads to hybrids and Evs. Currently, 2 of their 'babies', the popular GT128 and CT series are running around on Malaysian roads and there are plans of sending them overseas, to add colour to the export market.

Below are the individuals who have made magic and wonders in the 2 wheeler industry especially in Malaysia (except for the guy number 11 - he's a traitor!!!haha).

1. Wan Shahar - Manager, Product Planning
2. Azmi Mansor - Senior Designer
3. Farizan - Modeller
4. Ghaddafi - Alias Modeller
5. Suhairy - Modeller
6. Yusof- Designer
7. Roslee - Senior Designer
8. Rahimie - Modeller
9. Zuhri - Designer (Graphics)
10. Zulkifli - Designer (Graphics)

*Not in picture - Mohd. Zikir - Chief Modeller (currently with Kawasaki,Japan)

p/s: so please, if you ever go to a motorcycle dealer, if the dealer says that MODENAS CT (100 or 110) is a Taiwanese design, they are bull shitting you from head to toe!

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