Wednesday, 27 October 2010

MTB Gunung Jerai- Beginner’s Tips

pic top left: my solo feat conquering the peak of Gunung Jerai
pic top right: at one of the crazy u-bends
pic bottom : panoramic view of another crazy u-bend

So, you just got yourself a mountain bike and your friends have been talking non-stop about their Gunung Jerai feat 2 months ago- the trip that you were supposed to join but couldn’t because you had something on that day either you had to babysit, went to pak lang’s kenduri or your wife’s old friend came to the house. Feeling left out from the crowd, eager to join them, now you’re looking for the best guide and tips to conquer the mighty Gunung Jerai with your newly ‘tuned’ 2 wheeler. You came to right place, let me share with you my experience cycling up the highest point in the northern states.

Pic Top Left: My 'Squeak!' at Museum
Pic Middle Left: The highest accessible point to any unauthorized person
Pic Bottom Left: Hotel Regency to the right, to highest peak turn left ya..
Pic Right: Gayat-ness..

My first and only advice is, DO NOT CYCLE UP THERE!!!!Are you crazy???? To hell with them!! Why must you suffer your knees and crotch just to join them???? Yesterday it took me 6 hours to reach the peak, after everything sores, what I got was a stupid red signboard that says ‘.. No Admittance to Unauthorized Persons..’. Seriously dude..totally not worth it!!

Pic Left: Solo Feat..self-photography
Pic Right: The only distance mark i managed to capture. The rest, 'pancit!'
Pic Bottom: Initial D fans should love this..

While there is still value to your 2k+ bike, go and sell it and buy a PS3 instead. With the air-cond on, iced milo at the side, big puffy bean bag supporting your back, all sports in the world from F1 to boxing is at your finger tips! If you still wants cycling, there’s Le Tour De France..all you need is to buy the game from any games shop near you.

So boys and girls, hear you me, Do NOT cycle up Gunung Jerai!!

Note: the Writer is a ‘seasoned’ MTB cyclist (entering 2 years as an owner of an MTB bike) but he is still at Beginner’s level. Listen to him, he knows best! *wink

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