Sunday, 7 August 2011

The fantastic four

This marvellous piece was shot by photographer extraordinaire, Jay Ismail and edited by ehem!.. me (if you find it horrible, don't blame the photographer..).

If you're wondering how's life like managing a unit of 4? study this family picture. This is only 10%.

Thanks Jay for the pics!

Received SMS from VI mate, Ody tadi. Tambah seorang lagi anak dia! Dah jadi 4 anak!! Alhamdulillah rezeki tu..dia dah in the same league as Mus. Mus pun ada 4 anak.. diaorang ni dah boleh start group avengers/x-men!
haha yang bestnya Mus semua perempuan, Ody semua lelaki!..

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