Thursday, 19 May 2011


Umayr and Anas, during my time, the 'L' maksudnya 'L for Love'..

Glee is one of my guilty pleasures (ranked 5th below Bierber, Teen Beats, Boyzone and Sani,Eizlan Yusof and Norman Hakim of Impression). Why love Glee? Apart from sexy chickas twirling in cheerleader outfit, i always have a soft spot for music and musical tv series jarang-jarang ada. On the technical part of producing the series (expert lah ni kononnya), bukan senang nak combine acting and singing..for acting they need to have scripts, storyline and whatsoever, then the singing part, they need to have the scores, lyrics, the sound editing, record, musicians yada bout dancing? talents, choreographing, training.. they need to rojak all that into a storyline..storyline pulak need to be edited supaya tak overcooked, cukup garing, cukup perisa within the length of 47+ minutes running time. Respect lah.

But, Yes ada butt. Aku rasa fan base Glee ni majoritinya dari lingkungan remaja dan apa yang dipertontonkan kepada golongan ini adalah sangat tidak sesuai dengan budaya kita. Iyolah..pakcik nak jadi orang tua yang tak cool sekejap. Apa yang tak cool about Glee yang tak sesuai for our kids to swallow?

  • Glee promotes ‘Gay is ok’, ‘Gay is cool’ and menghalalkan the culture. (latest Santana lesbo? Daym!..) this is definitely against the law of nature.. unless you’re a seahorse

  • Promoting sexual intercourse among school goers. Aren’t they a little bit too young to be doing that kind of stuff? Well, call me whatever you want, definitely a no no! for my kids to jump in such wagon.

  • Giving new ideas to bullies. Actually the slushee attack is kinda cool! Mesti ada budak-budak kita sanggup habiskan Rm1.70 at 7eleven to imitate that. Mwahahaha! (Darth vader’s evil laugh)

Cakaplah apa pun, nothing we can do to prevent glee from ‘raping’ our kids. Lagi dilarang, lagi disuka! So be it.. just like “boycott American/jew products” campaign.. apa sudah jadi? In this era, how to avoid Microsoft? Boleh ke tahan the temptation from McD’s tv ads? And etc etc..

By the way, don’t you think the counsellor, Emma Pillsbury has the biggest set of eyes in the whole wide world?

p/s: damn i've aged...

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