Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ihm - 31 weeks

Izza kata hidung Ihm macam hidung dia..
7-8 weeks to go!!Rock steady Ihm!

p/s: I think we've found Ihm's name..Izza wanted that name so much and to be fair, since i came up with 'Umayr', i'll leave the executive decision to her. Personally it's a nice name, simple yet meaningful. It'll suit him..InsyaAllah..

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izza syahida said...

dear Ihm,

momy, dady and big bro Umayr will get to meet u in 3-4 weeks time, insyaAllah!! we cannot wait!!! stay healthy n strong k!! (btw, if u wanna come out earlier oso can..but pls make sure u're healthy enuff to come out ok.. ;D )