Thursday, 7 October 2010

I NO KOMment

I've received and replied the offer letter, I've tendered my resignation and yesterday the CEO himself called me in and ended the meeting with " good luck and all the best.." I guess it's official then. My last day as a Motorcycle Designer will be on the October 22nd 2010.

The 5 years and 5 months in MODENAS have been sweet, exciting, challenging and a life-changing experience. From zero interest and knowledge of motorcycle, I've to work hard to get to know and love them, Alhamdulillah with proper guidance, I was able to pick it up fast resulting to few of my handworks are already out there in the market and InsyaAllah my final 'masterpiece' from MODENAS will be launched next year. All these greatness would not be possible without the help and supervision of the ever generous and ever patience boss, seniors and sifoo. Can't thank them enough!

My next chapter in life will be with In0k0m Corporation Sdn Bhd. Starting on the 1st of November. Based on the info given during the interview, my main job responsibility is to help set up R&D department and to handle design matters... Should be interesting..Anyway, will only know the details after joining them.

Wish me luck!


Jay Ismail said...

please design one optimus prime pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!! stok leh tukau2 jadi robot ke...tak pon stok sports car cam knight rider baruu ke..leh tukau2 jadi pickup truck..hahahahaha

sharel said...

pergh!!..kena buat 'cup holder' atau gear knob dulu..kalau lepas, baru boleh buat robot..haha