Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Confess, I must..

The HR Department has confirmed my resignation and calculated my last working day falls on the 21st .That means I have only 3 days left in modenas..So it’s crunch time to clean all my ‘remains’ before I leave them for good.

How does it feel to leave a ‘family’ of 5 years and 5 months? Damn, this reminds me of my last day in VI Hostel. Seriously I’m no good at handling ‘perpisahan’. The strategy back then was ‘the-quick-exit’. As soon as Abang arrived, I did a quick round of salam and bro hugs, managed to pose for a last group picture then zoomed into that small Kancil with all my everything. At 3rd gear, my ‘man tears’ dropped..

My man tears dropped plenty of times during my ‘weekend husband’ era. At the bus station, train station..oh! Not in public of course..always in the car. The exact time is always after the door shut, and the ‘sound of silence’ kicked in..That’s the cue.

Will all this macho-ness fall to the ground this Thursday? I don’t think so. I’ll pray hard that it will not. InsyaAllah it’ll be rock steady! The family and I are all geared up with the weekend break plan and I have a week long of bumming around before starting in my new place on November 1st . “It-will-be-Legendary”!

Khap khun ma khap!

Pic: a very 'virgin' of me seated front row, far left. Hostelites celebrating 106th year of VI in 1999.

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