Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ada apa dengan Hat Yai?

Last 2 weeks kami pergi Hat Yai.
Ada apa dengan Hat Yai?

Technically Thailand especially Hat Yai, bukanlah oversea. But being Malaysian, kalau ke negara lain je, cakap pergi ‘oversea’. Yes, you need to go through customs and immigrations, passport or border pass for those born in Kedah and Perlis (Umayr layak!). Currency, sometimes Baht is slightly higher.10-20 cents je. But no problem in Hat Yai, sometimes they accept our RM (markets) and some of them can also speak malay.

Unlike most tourists, I’m not a fan of shopping at the market. To say that they’re selling goods at a cheap price…uhm maybe ada kot..but most of the stuff i dig, the price is about the same. Instead, I love the shopping malls. They have Central (dapat jugak melepas rindu kat Bangkok), Lee Garden is also not bad..a lil bit like Mahboonkrong..

Tiger Show
What is Hat Yai without the ‘red-light’ industry? I haven’t been to any of the show, in fact I didn’t see any signboards of the show pun during our last trip (maybe we were on the ‘family filtered’ route). But I heard stories of how skilled, creative and talented these entertainers using their va-gaga. Ping pong, darts, bottles, gold fish..hmmm.. One day must pay them a visit..

Hmm..Why name em “Tiger Show”? Ada tiger ke?

We called up masseurs to the room. Body massage, 2 hours = 300 Baht (RM30)! And the massage is good! Good, cheap and tak payah nak bersusah pergi massage parlour! Izza enjoyed it..

Muslim Food
Food is not a problem in Hat Yai. Banyak muslim restauranta, and we are their main target customers. Ask the concierge or even the tuk tuk operator, they’ll get you there!

Cheap Hotel
You can get a decent, nice 3-4 star hotel less than RM100 per night. We stayed at Golden Crown Hotel, the room is spacious, king sized bed, shopping and happening areas within walking distance..we paid only RM75 per night..not bad ay?

Yes you can drive into Hat Yai and it is easy!! How to bring your vehicle into Thailand?
First you need to have all this:

  1. A vehicle (of course!)
  2. The vehicle registration card (grant)
  3. Vehicle Insurance
  4. Passport
  5. Cash (to shop!)
  6. Petrol –full tank! (petrol Siam mahal!)

Step 1:
Drive up to Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Step 2:
Along the way, after Jitra/Chang Loon, you’ll find a number of insurance agents. Stop at any of the shops and get your vehicle insured.
RM 16 – 5 seat vehicle
RM 22 – 7 seat vehicle

The border closes at midnight. 11:30 pm tu still can get insurance.

Some will offer to fill-in the embarkation form at a cost of RM1 per passport (we chose to save our RM 1 and fill in sendiri).

Step 3:
Continue to drive up north to the immigration complex. Get your passports scanned at the toll-like immigration booth. Don’t forget to small chat and smile to the officer.

Step 4:
Drive up, there will be a duty free zone complex on the left, less than 100 metres you’ll arrive at the entrance gate to Thailand. As you enter, there is a parking lot on your left. Park your vehicle there.

Get down and get your passport stamped at the immigration booth. To those who chose to save their RM 1(refer step 2), get the embarkation form and fill in your particulars first.

Unlike ours, their system is quite kelam kabut. The weirdest thing is when they asked us to pay RM 1 per passport. Pelik..So far, of all the places I’ve been in this world, this is the first immigration I know yang minta passport stamping fee.

After that, you’re free to roam in the kingdom! Nak pergi sampai Bangkok pun boleh! To be safe, get yourself a road map.

Rumusannya, kami nak pergi lagi. Asyik Penang je, boring jugak..

Anyway to family and friends, kalau nak datang rumah kami, please bring your passport. Mana tau tup!tap! sampai Hat Yai kita!

Ada apa dengan Hat Yai?
Macam-macam adaaaa..


Jay Ismail said...

fuh..tiger show tu!

aku dulu pi field trip industrial dept of MIA batch 2003....educational sungguh field trip itu..kami blajar pasal tujahan fizik...keupayaan membuka botol menggunakan organ manusia..dan pelbagai2 lagi fakta menarik yang kami pelajari.

aku ngan dosh.dosh siap dpt tukang urut cun nak mampos...demmit...

nak pi nak pi!

sharel said...

GILA BEST FIELD TRIP!! aku curious nak belajar tujahan fizik kat sana..

apa kata kita pi dan masuk kelas fizik itu bersama-sama..

jom lah..

Jay Ismail said...

3 hari 2 malam..bayek nya naik bas..

sama MAFIA aa..hang kenai mafia kan.? lecturer pompuan brutal itm!

sharel said...

dia part-time situ paaa...hehe weih aku serious ni!..jom kita pi lepak hat yai!

amadzlan said...

izza. jaga laki hang baik-baik. hahaha!

eeeuw, kawan-kawan aku kat bangkok selalu cerita pasal tiger show, kat Nana/Patpong. yuck. ada yg guna live birds lah ape lah. disgusting.

wah bestnya hatyai. kalau kami ke utara nanti boleh la singgah.

sharel said...

kat Bangkok ada satu lagi..soi Cowboy..live bird? peergh itu baru seni!

jomlah!..mai jangan tak mai!

izza syahida said...

hahaha..ye belle! bahaya nih!

err..saya tidak penah join kelas fizik..nak join juge boleh?? =D

sharel said...

jom yang! kita belajar fizik bersama-sama..