Thursday, 14 January 2010

Anak Celaka

Thursday January 14, 2010

Heartless act of a son and daughter-in-law


A 57-year-old man, who had just undergone heart surgery, thought he could recuperate at home but was in for a shock when his son told him not to return home.

Harian Metro reported that Abdul Rahman Talib was abandoned by the roadside in Kangar with just a bag of clothes by his 30-year-old son after his daughter-in-law refused to let him back into the house.

“I asked my son to drive me to town although I did not know where I could go. Instead, he left me in front of a school.

“I cried as I stepped out from his car. I did not expect him to treat me like this after I’ve brought him up lovingly all these years,” he said, adding that he felt lost wandering around before finally settling down for the night at a bus stop.

Abdul Rahman said the following day, his son had come to look for him but the old man’s joy was short-lived when he realised that the son was only dropping off his bicycle.

He said he met an acquaintance near the school two days later and was invited to spend the night at his house.

It is understood that the Social Welfare Department had since sent Abdul Rahman to the Batu Bertangkap Welfare Home in Beseri.


Celaka punya anak... patut direjam dengan batu...

Semoga kita dapat ambil iktibar daripada ujian-ujian seperti ini..


amadzlan said...

haihh, saw this news on harian metro this morning. apa nak jadi la. dengan ayah sendiri pun boleh jadi macam ni, im not surprised one day he will thrown his wife out the door too. or nanti dia dah tua, anak2 dia pulak buat mcam tu.

sharel said...

i think the wife will throw him out of the house!! laki macam ni memang fail laa!..

bincang dengan member tadi, condition father tu pun mesti dah nyanyuk ke apa kot sampai anak dia bengang tapi jangan lah sampai abandon/tendang bapak sendiri keluar macam tu!!

semoga kita tak jadi macam tu laa..

Jay Ismail said...

life's a circle..esok lusa anak dia kene la tu...

sharel said...

betul betul betul...prepare lah basikal anda wahai anak yang celake..

izza syahida said...

what goes around comes around..sampainye hati buat bapak sendiri camtu..doa byk2 mintak semoga kita x jadi anak yg durhaka..