Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What's up?

1. Last weekend was a full one! Awal Muharram fell on Friday, Saturday (normal holiday) and Izza cuti on Sunday (replacement for Awal Muharram) Yeay!

2. We received visitors on Friday and Saturday. First were Abe and his girlfriend,

Habsyah (correction) HAFSHA. Abe (Rizzy/Jambul/Static/Jali etc) was my course, class and housemate during uni. After graduation he joined R&D Motorola Penang. Recently he dropped the bomb and will be joining the government early next year. So that night, we took them out and belanja him a ‘farewell’ dinner at Hai Thien, Kuala Perlis. The next day, CK Niggaz and fiancée, Ira came over for a short visit. They were from Alor Star attending a kenduri. CK Niggaz was my VI, hostel and house mate (during Uni). Now resides in Kulim, engineer for Intel. Then I called Rosnan over, another VI friend, whom so-happen opened a phone shop in my neighbour hood to join the ‘brawl’.

3. Talk about old friends, thanks to FB, last weekend I was reconnected with my ex-classmates from SRKTSG.Haa ni banyak nak bercerita ni.. I think I should do an entry on this. Tungguuu..

4. Haha last Sunday we were so closed of buying a 42” Plasma TV for our TV room! But after putting a deeper thought into it, naah! Prefer to save the money for our trip in June. It was indeed another epic battle between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. Penat wo..

5. After all the hype, comments and ratings from friends, finally I was able to pinjam and watch Afdlin’s Pappadom. So macam mana? Never disappointed with his work. Boria tu cool, script yang bersahaja juga cool, lakonan main actors and actresses juga cool..special credits to ‘Mia’ and Que, story simple tapi berjaya menjadi menarik. Editing juga ok, tak drag-gy, audio pun ok..tak macam filem lain yang sangat kantoi dubbing-nya..Congrats! A must watch.

6. Malaysia 1- Vietnam 0. Walaupun own goal, a goal is a goal. But frankly speaking, to me, Malaysia menang because of luck. I don’t think they played that well. Midfielders macam tak exist, forward’s finishing pun tak kemas..Yes they won, but hopefully janganlah besar kepala dengan satu kemenangan tu je. Maintaining a crown is harder than winning one. Jangan jadi macam skuad hoki Malaysia. Balik-balik player tu je sampai takde pelapis. I feel a bit more patriotic now. Do you agree if I say that sports develop patriotism? Especially when we’re at the winning side la..hehe

7. Oh! and Abang telah pulang ke tanah air yesterday from his 2 month training in Zhuhai. After fetching him from the airport, they took him to Kanna- Banana Leave rice!! Fooh! I wonder macam manalah rasanya selepas 2 bulan tak dapat teh tarik/nasi lemak/roti canai?? I asked him, “how were the kids? Ingat lagi ke?” (Hehe) He said, “of course Ingaaaaaat…Peluk tak nak lepas..” Then I told him the story about our neighbour. He’s in a shipping line and normally he will go out for 7-8 months straight and cuti for 3 months. Although the money is gooood, dia kata yang sedihnya bila dia balik, anak dia panggil dia ‘mama’.. His 2 year old son tak tau nak sebut ‘papa’.. Kesian kan?

8. Anyway the Sharels will be in KL over the weekend. It will be yet another tiring one because we have to cover everything within that short period. After this our next trip would be Chinese New Year. Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni yaaaa!

9. Oh! Umayr seems to living up to his name lah.. ‘Advance’. We have just bought him a teether(that's 1), not only that, now dia dah sort-of pandai suap the teether tu sendiri! Baru 3 bulan! And the other day we thought him to sit by himself..haha! kejam betul la mak bapak ni…


izza syahida said...

hehe..kene plan canteeek nye weekend ni kan? hehe..umayr pun dah nak duduk sendiri, ok la tu! heheh

sharel said...

betul tu puan..kita perlu plan secantik-cantiknya bagi adil dan saksama...adush

amadzlan said...

omg penatnya travel from kedah to kl kan? drive safely people :)

june mau ke mana?

sharel said...

yeah 5 hours drive..(because ada baby-hehe) thanks..

June ada family trip..tak confirm lagi ..Istanbul maybe? hehe

hafsha said...

tettttt..wrong!shud be HAFSHA..modern skit spellingnyee.hihi..btw..thanks a lot for a sgt sedap dinner eventho weve been trapped nearly 3hrs kat hiway.. izza,plss help to kiss ur luvly baby for me...pls remind him of me when he grow up ye..ill surely see umayr growing in his blog..tadaa..till we meet again

sharel said...

Alamak sorry! sorry! correction rightaway! Alaa jangan cakap macam takkan jumpa langsung! InsyaAllah bila rezeki tu ada, mesti Umayr akan jumpa juga dengan Tok Hafsha..hehe

hafsha said...

hahah..trus wat correction..ehem ehem umayr...dun listen to ur me untie(masih mude remaja) bukan Tok ok..hehe..insyaAllah nnt jupe lg korang...take care!

sharel said...

u take care too!