Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Babysitter, Nursery or Maid?

Wife will start working on the 16th. We’ve decided to send Umayr to a babysitter. Honestly, I’m quite hesitant to send him there because first, he is still sooo very young, and secondly, Umayr will be spending most of his ‘active hours’ (which is during the day) with the babysitter and I’m afraid that one day he might prefer to stay with her instead of us. Haha! Paranoid gila kan?.

The other day a friend suggested hiring a maid. Which I thought-also a good idea. So I went around asking friends and suddenly it turned out to be some sort-of a little survey. Below are the findings:

The Pros and Cons






Child gets full attention (if less kids)

Child exposed to other kids (social skill)

No need to do house chores


Child exposed to other kids (social skill)

Exposed to 'early education' (if provided by nursery)

Can spend more time with child



Cost $ (extra diaper & milk)

Cost $$ (diaper & milk - fee)

Cost $$$ (agent, extra groceries etc)


Child too attached to the nanny

Lack of attention (other kids)

No privacy at home


Impromptu leaves (nanny have kenduri)

Bullies (by other kids)

Boyfriend problem


Strict pick up time

Strict pick up time



Still need to do house chores (weeknight-tired)

Sleeping pills

Invite friends/bf to house


Child exposed to other kid's sickness

Still need to do house chores (weeknight-tired)

Maid took off


Child exposed to other kid's sickness

Maid abuses child


Scandal with husband


Not much of a Pros feedback. Mostly Cons. Majority says No-No to Maids unless; the child is able to speak (so he/she can report the maid’s misdeeds) or if you have more than two children (financial factor). Many thumbs up to Babysitter and seconded by Nursery.

Whatever it is, my son will be more Kedah than me…Ayoh…mok..tuk wan…tuuuk…



Anonymous said...

pasni kalu gadoh ngan kawan..akn kedengaran bunyi mencarut2 ala2 kedah....yg mengerikan..

kalu dia tension bunyi laa ayat mcm h...j...,p mampoih laaa...

harap Izza n Miki bersabar hadapi dugaanb=mendalami bahasa kedah

sharel said...

hahhaa..tula pasai..UNtuk neutralizekan balik, kat rumah aku kena speaking KL pekat gilaaa punya..

Siape, suke, bole, kenape, ape kene,

saye suke main bole..


amadzlan said...

i prefer babysitter. in my case, she's my neighbour, i trust her, i know her family, and she doesn't mind that i came back late or kerja on weekends. so far mmg takde masalah, dia jaga anak dgn baik. nak hantar nursery kat area damansara ni amatlah mahalll, plus the strict pick up time. i'm happy with the babysitter ;)

sharel said...

how i wish we have a neighbour that babysits..settle segala kegusaran...

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