Thursday, 13 August 2009


Tamat sudah kabungan blogging.

The week before, Izza and i went honeymooning at Penang. Initially we were supposed to spend the whole 3 days and 2 nights relaxing spa retreat at Pulau Jerjak Spa and Resort, but because of some technical error (which was a blessing in disguise), we ended up one night there and the other one in Feringghi.

Jerjak Resort and Spa

It was indeed a nice retreat especially from the crazy traffic jam on Penang Island. To go there, visitors must take the 10-15 minutes ferry ride from the jetty slightly up north of Queensbay Mall. Click here if you want to know more about the resort.

The thrill of taking the ferry, first impressions of the resort, the big old trees, the facilities- easily a 3.5 out of 5. However, I find their "service" teruk. Booking problem, room service lambat and after checking out, they made my 7 months pregnant wife and I walk under the hot sun to the jetty (just the day before, we were chauffeured by a beat up Kancil to the main building upon arrival). Oklah..maybe it was just our luck..anyway if you haven’t been there, pergilah and experience it yourselves. Lagi best, tag along your relatives, do some sort of family outing ala team building. I guess their main business is holding team buildings and seminars. No wonder service fail..

D’Feringghi Hotel

Hahaha this was kind of impromptu. We were looking for a decent hotel, within our budget-in Feringghi. I tell you, getting a room there on weekend memang susah. So belasah je. With this hotel, the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” memang tepat sekali! But the other way round lah. Entrance hebat, bilik hampeh! I thought the toilet in Narita Hotel tu yang paling keciklah..sekali yang ni lagi kecik! The room, if for two, would be just enough. If family, no way! Macam rumah tumpangan mana je.. And still they charged us RM165 per night! Total rip-off! But they have the power to demand because of their location. Exactly in the heart of Bukit Ferringghi’s happening area. Oklah..that’s one for the memories! InsyaAllah that was our first and last. Tak mau dah…


Pagi esok adalah hari penentuan untuk rambut aku…tolonglah bagi aku potong rambut…tak tahan dah ni!!!

Oh and Belle, she's in Kabul to cover some story..Good luck and have fun! Ak-47 belle..jangan lupa!!! heheh


izza syahida said...

hehe..tandas yg sungguh tragis kat hotel feringgi tu..apa2 pun mmg best dpt gi swimming! nnti kita bwk uhm gi swim k!

tolonglah, semoga lakiku dpt memotong rambutnye..amin...

sharel said...

hahah minggu depan yaaang..daku kan henshem kembali!...

amadzlan said...

hari ke-4 aku di Kabul, dah kena bom. aduhaii.

aku bukan kena cover storylah, pg sana as international election observer. saja sibuk volunteer :P

tomorrow no more in Kabul, ke Faryab province pulak, further up north. can't wait to meet the Uzbeks!

amadzlan said...

compared to the hotel that u stay kat Ferringhi tu dgn tempat yg kitorng duduk dulu,i think kitorang punye lagi teruk kot, tapi gua tak kisah. but the toilet is big, 3 orang boleh muat. and it's near to the beach :)

but in ur case izza is preggy, so of course she needs more comfort la kan.

sharel said...

belle: kena bom? pergh bukannya everyday boleh experience bombing..

on the hotel, hotel yang kitaorang duduk kat jerjak tu mahal rm 20 je dari harga dia! tu yang tak puas hati tu!! backpack concept, 4 star good lah..