Thursday, 20 August 2009


Demoralized- de•mor•al•ized
  • Demoralized is when you found out that a colleague who had joined the company later than you, being promoted to senior level and you’re still at that same level for the past 4+ years.

  • Demoralized is when you’re so frustrated by that news and you’ve lost interest in continuing the “urgent” job that you’re currently working on.

  • Demoralized is when you put on the emergency brakes and turned to blog to tell the whole world how “demoralized” you’re feeling right now.

  • Demoralized is when you keep looking at the clock, complaining how slow the needles move.

  • Demoralized is when your thoughts are only on the comfort of lying in your bedroom, supported by the luxurious fluffy pillow, air-cond at 19, slaughtering Bikers gang from GTA: Vice City Stories on PSP.

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