Wednesday, 29 July 2009

If I’m the Minister of Transport

If I’m the Minister of Transport,

1. I will ban trucks and lorries from using the road on weekdays between 6:30 am – 9:00 am and 4:30pm – 7:00 pm. These heavy duties are such a pain especially when they crawl and filling every inch of the road, while everyone else is running to the time slot machine. Plan your trip Truckies!!

2. Heavy fine for double parking! Can’t you see that our roads are small? and your precious vehicle is blocking the road? What’s wrong with parking a little bit further from the restaurant? RM300!!! Take that!

3. I will set some official ruling for Malaysian drivers. Some of it are like,
The “Take Turns” concept, the 101 “hand gestures” communication and the “After you..” concept. Fail to obey these rules, RM300 out from your pocket!

4. I will give a tall order to PLUS Sdn Bhd to immediately upgrade their R&Rs along the South side (KL-JB). The R&Rs are dull and boring, the toilets are dirty..a disgrace to the country! Buck up boys!!

5. I will lower down the cost of public transport, cheap bus tickets, LRTs and taxi rides so people can turn to the services instead of driving their Hummer alone to office everyday. When the demand is there, I will add in more of them, so the services will be more accessible to the people. Of course we will help the transportation companies by injecting few billions. Kita kaya kan?…hehe

6. Bus and taxi drivers will suffer under my reign. There will be lots of spot checks, driving tests and license renewal every 6 months, proper uniforms, PR and safety trainings: they will be the most professional and safe driver in the world. In return, they will be handsomely paid.

7. I will kick the developer inside out if they propose to me a single lane road project! Minimum, one side, 3 lanes! So, to and fro, 6 lanes! If highway? Autobahn style! Bye-bye setinggans!! The Housing Ministry will provide you a house - 45 floors flats-no lift.

8. More high speed train. North to South, every 20 minutes! Vast developments in the rural area will soon follow. Tourism, housing estates, universities, business centres, you name it!

9. Georgetown will be the first Car-Free Zone city in Malaysia. The roads of Georgetown will be on cobbled stones, trishaws and bicycles will be the main means of transport, heavy and bulk items will be delivered via PUDS (Penang Underground Delivering System). This is to promote healthy living and eliminate road congestions. Why Georgetown? That place has no further room for road widening project. Kata, pulau...

10. Motorcycle lanes for every road in Malaysia. Those caught riding on the other lanes will be heavily fined, bonus, 3 months license suspension. Racing? If you’re caught racing on the streets, authorities will have the pleasure of ramming you down-guilt-free. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

*Update - 290709 - morning

11. The hands of vehicle users will be chopped off ala Hudud if fail to use the turn indicator light (signal). Beli kereta pandai, bawa kereta bodoh…

How about you? Future Minister...

A glimpse of the future..comel kan vehicle tu?


Jay Ismail said...

imagine from sri gombak nak pi VI naik menatang ni..ahhahaha..baper jam sampai weh..?

aku add new rules :-

Prefect Skola especially prefect VI bagi kelonggaran pada student datang lambat..takyah panjat pagar gi..hahahaha

sharel said...

Hahaha takpa, twitch sikit engine buat turbo!

Laa dah tau lambat, Nagaria laaa!!tunggu lagi??

Jay Ismail said...

nagaria lom bukak weh..lepak hameedia dulu aa..pekena roti ngan rokok sebatang...hahahaha

sharel said...

pergh gila lama siut gua tak dengar nama hameedia.....meremang sat tengkuk..

Marliza Radzi said...

hear hear!

I'll vote for you!

sharel said...

Vote for Sharel, for a better Malaysian road..