Friday, 8 August 2008

Where were you on 08.08.08?

In the future, someone may ask my whereabouts on this auspicious date. So here goes.

Date: 8th of August 2008 – 6 Syaaban 1429
Day: Friday

Time: 0650
Location: Home, Gurun, Kedah

Air tengah sejuk. Ambil air sembahyang tadi pun dah menggigil. Woke up to Ray Romano and next the Simpsons. Ayam tengah berkokok hebat kat belakang rumah. Ok that was Scrubs opening theme. My cue to brave the icy waters!

Time: 1023 hours
Location: R&D Building

Got out from the house at 7:35 tapi jam kereta dah pukul 8. Biasalah, cepatkan 15 minit. Weather was fine, traffic pun best because schools and government cuti on Friday. Slot in at 7:43 am. Macam biasa, after morning exercise, meeting. Sambung Alias training. Oh yah, I’m very fortunate to have Mr. Ghadaffi (Ghad) to train me Alias. Alias is a 3D modeling /surfacing software; widely used by automotive designers all around the world I’m very fortunate because Ghad is one of the best and experienced Alias user in Malaysia, he has worked with Nissan in Japan, GM in Germany and many more. The new Nissan GT-R supercar is one of his work. Not many Malaysian s can achieve that. So back to my Alias training, pening nak buat surfacing ni…
And tadi morning break, makan Nasi (yes nasi!), sayur-sayuran and telur goreng- RM 1.90..and kopi Radix.. 2nd time minum..

Time: 1636 hrs
Location: R&D

Hari ni kusyuk membuat kerja..susah gile nak join radius kan surface..then nak joint plak jadi bucu-bucu..surfacing pulak nak kena cun! Gile susah..respect gila kat digital modelers yang telah menghasilkan “highlights” dan surface yang cun di kereta dan motorcycle..Sekarang baru tau the hardships of getting to that kind of result.
A very stereotype Friday activities. Break at 1, drove to Perwaja for lunch, huha masjid for the Friday prayers, few times “mengangguk setuju” dengan imam while khutbah. Very political punya khutbah..and last week’s was even worst..this is all because of Permatang Pauh’s election. I don’t agree with using the Friday khutbah to spread political agendas. Banyak lagi issue-issue lain yang boleh di sentuh selain daripada tu..gejala social, murtad, menipu, merompak, banyak lagi issue-issue lain.
Today’s “Exit time” is 5:30 pm. It will be a rush back home, kemas-kemas, pack baju, and off to Sungai Petani. Planning to get a haircut, dinner and then to the bus station. I’m taking the 11:30 pm Mara Liner to KL! Haha.

Time: 8:08 PM
Location: Home, Gurun

I'm going to Sungai Petani shortly..ticket checked! baju, checked! work stuff, checked!..oh i'm gonna miss the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in China..


AM said...

eh you work on Jumaat eh?

tiru idea where were you on 08.08.08 eh? hehe.

sharel said...

kita kerja ikut KL punya..tak cool la kerja hari Ahad.boleh tengok cartoon..heh