Saturday, 23 August 2008

Eight Days a week

Cameron Highlands

When was your last trip to Cameron's? Before last week, I think mine was about 15 years ago. People say the highest highland resort in Semenanjung has lost his “coolness” because of the rapid tree chopping and unlike its two brothers, Fraser's and Genting, Cameron is not as “happening” unless he/she is a sucker for tea leaves, exotic flowers and of course the strawberries. That has kept me avoiding the “the highway of vomit” for nearly 15 years. But last week, a friend from the company had his kenduri kahwin at his hometown in Tapah and the 7 of us took that opportunity to rent an apartment and wallop the strawberries inside out! To cut long story short, we had a great time in Cameron's. We spent the night at Parklands Apartment in Berinchang, ideal for big family trips, 3 rooms with each has attached bathroom, one big hall with a dining table that fits 8, spacious kitchen area..highly recommended. Haa..Believe me, Cameron Highland is cold! Maybe because of the raining season, but it was surely cold that night. I think it went down to 20-18. Izza and I had lots of strawberries especially the chocolate dipped. OOOh it was gorgeous! We went pasar hopping, from cactus to fruits and many more. If you're thinking of going, a safer and easier route up is by following Simpang Pulai instead of Tapah. And during school holidays, please use an automatic transmission car. The crawls on the steep hills doesn't do justice to the manuals.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Personally I don't see Lee Chong Wei's Datukship is any relevant at all. ok..he managed to grab a medal from the Did he get a gold? no. Only a silver. That is second place only. How was his performance during the final? 39 minutes, straight set , 21-12 and 21-8! Woo talk about ”fighting spirit”. Just for that, he came back to Malaysia as a hero, RM300,000 in the bank (sweets and angpows from sponsors and others not included), a handsome amount of pension, and the title of Datuk as the crème de la crème. If I am Nicol Ann David, I will be so pissed, migrate to other country, get married and mother 4 child, grow old and get fat. Why? Please compare Nicol's and Chong Wei's performance side by side. Nicol had to go through WISPA World's Tour Tournament and she holds 28 titles since 2000 and have to maintain her current World no. 1 ranking since 2006 in order to get her Datukship last July. Since only 2003, Chong wei only won 5 in Super Series, 9 BWF tour and a Silver in 2008 Olympics and currently working hard to maintain his World Ranking no. 2. Is that fair?

Permatang Pauh

So much that I hate the Parti Keadilan Rakyat and especially it's penasihat, my prediction is Anwar Ibrahim will win the election in Permatang Pauh this 26th. The win will be tailored to a small margin so that it shows that the people still favours the government. If the BN win the election, all hell will break loose! There will be some stupid Malaysians who will hang our Jalur Gemilang upside down on the 51st Merdeka Day, riots and more of the so called street protests. Pity the abang-abang police for they have to work over-time. To the ruling party, please please please and please hear our cry for a peace and serenity Malaysia. Step down now!

LEOs in the family

There is another LEO in the family!! Maya Sharezal was born on the auspicious date of 20082008! Another baby in the family!! And of course the second Leo was born 2 days after but 26 years back, my wife, Izza. Going to Penang shortly to spoil the birthday girl! Oh to Abang and Lissa, congrats on your newborn!! Can't wait to snap Leilani's little sister next week!

(pictures for this entry will be added after i got back from Penang )

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yea.. it is unfortunate that squash isn’t in the Olympics!

thanks for your support of Datuk Nicol!

all the best!

Editor WMSiew,

Marliza Radzi. said...

terujanya tengok stroberi tu! nak gi cameron highlands!!!

sharel said...

wah! nicoldavidonline!serious? is Datuk there? hehe

Marliza: strawberry dip in choco + whip cream! ooooh!

izza syahida said...

TQVM 4 evrythg husband!!! luuurv th card,cake,dinner&pressie!!!!

sharel said...

hehe demi cinta ku pada muuuu~ said...


unfortunately we're still an unofficial nicol david fansite- but we're the no.1 site nonetheless! =P


sharel said...

WMSiew: You sure are! Anyway does the Datuk know about this unofficial fansite?

wmsiew said...

did u see our latest blog update? =P

yup Datuk Nicol does have full knowledge of our website. And coincidentally, for the first time in TEN years.. she visited our site and left us a message on our Fan Forum- remember to check it out!!