Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Typical Malay Living room

Typical Malay Living room

Disclaimer: This is through my observation, there is no right or wrong and after all rumah adalah hak masing-masing dan suka hati dialah nak decorate macam mana pun. The reason for highlighting this is because I find it amazing although the houses are geographically apart but discovered a pattern, a small similarity in every living room I've visited and I would like to share my findings with you . Why living room? Takkan visitor nak lepak bilik tidur pulak? The observations and research were through the eye of a "guest". Have fun!

Medals and Trophies.
Most of the houses I’ve been mesti display medals and trophies in the living room. Tak kisahla bronze medal lari dalam guni ka, years of service plaque or trophy menang sepak takraw anjuran Belia 4B. For medals selalunya akan tergantung cantik di hook plastic, tersusun indah across the wall. To some yang creative akan susun zig-zag. Trophies and plaques will definitely on the rack or TV.

Photo Album
while waiting for the teh-o and biscuit, guests has the honour of viewing the Tuan Rumah's photo albums yang tersedia di bawah coffee table. Normally pictures from oversea trips, holidays at Port Dickson, graduations and Raya pictures.

Certificates from school or work will be well framed and hung on the wall. I guess this is to inform guests that they should not worry if the house is on fire because the owner scored 'Cemerlang' during his Fire Rescue Training anjuran the district Fire Department.

Photo Frame
Sometimes the photo frames will occupy the whole side table and forces the owner to buy a plastic hook from Tesco to hang the keys. Tak cukup lagi? letak atas TV, tak cukup lagi? Hang kat dinding..Tak cukup lagi? Letak on the floor. The living room shall now be called - "the galleria"..

Rack Pinggan Mangkuk
To give an impression on how important the guests are, along, angah or achik akan pergi ke rack pinggan mangkuk tepi sofa tu, keluarkan pinggan mangkuk yang mahal-mahal beli from last year's Langkawi trip, lap-lap buang habuk sikit (membuktikan yang lama tak pakai-saving for VIPs only), buat muka malu-malu, zoom masuk dapur hantar to the master chef untuk digunakan masa lunch/dinner.

Plastic Flowers
It is beautiful, colourful and easy to maintain and makes the room looks totally fresh! Especially the watery effect made of glue stick.

Kipas Cina
non-Functional Kipas "cina" yang besar, normally 5-6 feet spread wide, gantung di dinding, either paintings suasana indah di hutan ataupun sunset di laut dan sedikit bukit di tepian.
Mungkin as substitute kalau bekalan elecktrik terputus. Malaysia kan panas.

Gantungan di dinding.
1st plastic hook for keys-car, house, office... 2nd for ID card and colourful neck straps, matric card, Sure heboh Staff card, Lima 2001 exhibitor card, Pesta Buku 98 visitor card etc.. 3rd hook for kopiah, cap Pesta joran 2008, cap Barisan Nasional, cap Merdeka 1999 etc..

Did I left out any?


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