Saturday, 15 March 2008

Viva Youtubies!!

Cool videos that have been in my head all week. Enjoy!

(Recommendation: For maximum viewing pleasure, pause the video and let it stream first..hehe)

Fresh Prince's Jump On It.
Yang! I've been practicing this move every night!! Be prepared!! Kita duet ok?

Evolution of Dance by judsonlaipply
Love the MC Hammer part..

Frozen Grand Central
This was fowarded by Nina. Memang cool bah..Check out The Great Trafalgar Square Freeze also

Indian thriller with lyrics *thnx bufflax
The subtitle lagi buat dia hampeh! I wonder how long did he practiced for the clip? Mesti semangat gila punyaaaaa..

Cis!! malam ni Incognito at sunburst!!tension jugak berada di Gurun ni..anyway this is a tribute!!! (checkout the bass line y'all!)

Incognito - Still a friend of mine

Thanks Youtube!!

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izza syahida said...

and afrina officially jd peminat lagu 'jump on it'..abis la nenek nak nyanyi lagu tu kat dia..