Monday, 10 March 2008

The People has Spoken

You see!! You see!!! What did I tell you? What did I tell you?

Before I start rambling, let me remind you that this is not a political blog, I don’t breath and eat politics, besides comic strips, I do enjoy reading the first few pages of the newspaper and so happen we just had our 12th Election Day and political issues is the “in” topic now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let’s recap on what I predicted on the 12th General Election.

“My prediction - BN will win but we'll see more oppositions in the parliament. Pas will still rule Kelantan, 60% BN and 40% BA in Terengganu, stronger oppositions in Kedah, loose some in Johor and Pahang and a stronger PKR party.”

  1. BN will win but we'll see more oppositions in the parliament

BN only managed to secure 140 parliamentary seats compared to their record breaking of 198 in 2004. BN masih menang, tapi kehilangan 4 STATES! Perak, Penang, KEDAH and SELANGOR!!

  1. Pas will still rule Kelantan

PAS won a bigger majority compared in 2004. All the hoohas of “cukuplah 18 tahun PAS” is a complete waste of time, money and energy.

  1. 60% BN and 40% BA in Terengganu

Surprisingly BN won a landslide victory in Terengganu where they secured 7 out of the 8 parliamentary seats. Many blamed Tok Mun’s 685 votes for the loss of Mat Sabu. Kesian Tok Mun..

  1. stronger oppositions in Kedah

Stronger than ever! KEDAH is now under PAS!!! We are going HUDUD!!Nak yeay ka?nak risau ?

  1. loose some in Johor and Pahang

BN is still the ruling party of these states but the decline number of votes sends warning signal. If they don’t buck up, they’ll be the next victim in the next election.

  1. a stronger PKR party

The great Selangor fell into PKR’s hands. Nuff said!!

So surprised that biggies like Samy Vellu, Kayveas, Shahizat, and Koh Tsu Koon lost in this election. Even more surprised that BN lost the states!! The whole Koridor Utara (except Perlis) collapsed to the oppositions!!

KENAPA BARISAN NASIONAL KALAH? (Yela they won an easy majority..tapi still kalah jugaklah tu..) daripada seorang Rakyat yang kurang ambik tahu pasal politik Negara.

  1. KJ – the stronger and louder he barks, the stronger the rakyat will hate..uhm no.. dislike him. The rakyat don’t like the idea of Family please put an end to it. Plus Malaysian likes the story of “naik dari bawah”..not bas ekespress to the top.
  2. Berjilid-jilid corruption and scandals fairytales reached the Rakyat.
  3. (tiba-tiba) Rakyat complained yang wakil rakyat humble please.
  4. Tak boleh pakai dah “Work for me Work with me” tu” Bekerja dengan Rakyat, Keuntungan Bersama.

First time mengundi haritu memang best! Sampai demam-demam ni excited punya pasal!!






Kena biasakan diri ni...hehe


AM said... --> mengapa BN kalah mengikut teori the great Tun M.

kesian Tok Mun. that woman has guts! sungguh inspiring!

sharel said...

"Do you think that the opposition success is attributed to Anwar?

I don't think it is so. This is more of something against BN than strong support for the opposition.

They (voters) have no choice. If you don't vote BN, who do you vote for? There are only two candidates. So you vote for the opposition or you don't vote at all. Either way, the BN was going to lose a lot of support."


AM said...

true kan kan kan? wise man that Tun is.