Sunday, 2 March 2008

My Prediction

Malaysia Election 2008

This year i will practice my rights as a Malaysian! My 'cross' shall determine the next government of Malaysia!haha! I'm taking Friday off, go back to KL by train (no more bus trip for me!!!!enough is enough!) and vote on Saturday - 8 March 2008 at Hillcrest school.

My prediction - BN will win but we'll see more oppositions in the parliament. Pas will still rule Kelantan, 60% BN and 40% BA in Terengganu, stronger oppositions in Kedah, loose some in Johor and Pahang and a stronger PKR party.

So who shall i vote?

American Idol

I like only the audition part. It is so funny, in the same time amazed to see how confident people are! I wonder where is William Hung now?

My prediction - David Archuleta. That is considering if majority of the American voters are girls. But Ramiele Malubay is also an interesting one. She might attract the boys and the girls. Plus from 'image' point of view, their feature stands out from the typical American line ups.

The Next President of USA
Who shall be the next President of USA? This time around is very interesting! Both candidates will book their name in the history. It is either the first African American or the first Lady President.
Kishore Mahbubani wrote in Newsweek (jan14 issue) , " The U.S. Presidential Election may be the most undemocratic in the world. Only some 126 million Americans vote, yet the result is felt by 6.6 billion people". I am so agree with that. This is a sad truth about America and the rest of the world. Why do people look up to American so much? They started the War. They kill innocent lives and get away with it in the name of 'peace'. Why do everything must be in US currency? Why are they saying that they are the peace keeper between Palestine and Israel where else it is so clear that they are one sided-fully supporting the Israeli?
The new president should do something with their international policies. Solve your domestic problems first!

My prediction- Though i don't follow the election much, i handpicked Mr. Barrack Obama. Why? He looks more pleasant than Hillary Clinton. Thats all.

What is your prediction?


AM said...

agree with yours. boleh?

sharel said...

I guess majority agrees with me..